The Pros And Cons Of Different Shipping Methods Why Expedited Freight Services Lead The Pack

Expedited freight services

The transportation industry is moving at the speed of light. What wasn’t seen as possible a mere century ago is now seen as a must-have by manufacturer and customer alike. To put it plainly…people want their products, they want it delivered securely and they want it delivered now. Expedited freight services are but one of many transportation methods in a long line of meeting demand a little better every time. Your shipping services will do wonders for keeping your business ahead of the curve as competition only continues to increase.

What Are Different Shipping Methods I Could Use?

Analyzing aerospace logistics to seeking out intermodel shipping methods, there is a form and function for just about any business model. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has recently estimated nearly six million commercial vehicle drivers work in the United States. Point-to-point transportation is an affordable and reliable option for small businesses that primarily deal local, though international companies could benefit more from expedited freight services and global aerospace logistics.

What Are The Most Common Commodities Shipped By Freight?

Every day products, materials and fragile items are being passed back and forth across the country. The LTL market (short for ‘less than truckload’) is estimated at an impressive $35 billion as we speak. The three most valuable commodities that rely on freight transportation to make a safe journey are electronics, vehicles and machinery. Pharmaceutical products, in particular, have unique storing methods to better prevent spills and cracks.

What Is The Fastest And Most Reliable Method Of Shipping?

All shipping methods have their ups and downs depending on the company. Some much prefer an eco-friendly shipping method to promote a better image to their consumer base, while others have no choice but to use the fastest method available to transport fragile or easily expired materials. Expedited freight services are dependable for many different businesses, large and small, and are frequently utilized even in the rapidly shifting transportation industry.

What Do Customers Want The Most Out Of Their Shipping Services?

A major element that goes into choosing the right shipping service is keeping a close ear to customer demands. Customers want to make sure their hard-earned money doesn’t go toward a product that ends up bruised, cracked or otherwise compromised. In today’s busy world? Time is also of the essence. Satish Jindel of the SJ Consulting Group revealed that the length of haul has declined over the years. Public truckload carriers now report an average length of haul that’s 4% less than the standard five years ago.

What Improvements Can I Make To My Shipping Model?

Shipping only gets more competitive from here. Building a loyal customer base is as simple as making sure they can enjoy your products without any additional baggage. American e-commerce revenue has raked in over $400 billion, from parcel to carriers, and nearly every industry is feeling the winds of change. Trade shows are regularly held to boast the very best in efficient transportation, with California and Florida still boasting the largest number of locations. Industrial machinery transport may be getting better, but it’s up to you to take advantage of what it has to offer your company’s future.

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