The Power of Outdoor Signs and Billboards

Although the Internet, social media, and e-mail have become widespread and convenient means of communication, old-fashioned signs and billboards have not been completely replaced. Such signs are used for carrying all sorts of messages, from promoting a brand or a product all the way to a car repair shop, grocery store, or a law firm. Business signs and commercial signs have a lot of power to communicate, and a lot of time and money is dedicated every year to researching new sign-based marketing efforts. Many studies and surveys show that even in today’s wired world, signs have a place, and advertisers and other establishments are well advised to get the most out of their signs. This even included sign repair, as a damaged or malfunctioning sign may fail to send its message and also make a bad impression on customers. In fact, a sign’s quality may speak to the customer as much as the sign’s actual message. Naturally, sign repair is something to keep on top of for best results.

The Power of Signs

Custom signs, electronic ad screens and digital marquees, and billboards are highly potent, and studies have confirmed how effective they are at reaching out to customers. People still have every reason to go outside, and while out and about in a city or town, these consumers are looking at signs. Many businesses need signs to draw customers to their location, whether or not they have an online marketing presence, and smaller businesses may rely on signs almost exclusively. A one-location sandwich shop in Seattle has no need for an online campaign where consumers in Miami or Boston may see it; rather, custom sign design is used on-site, and possibly to great effect. To that point, the value of on-site signage is the same as 24 full-page newspaper ads per year, and signs are known to attract half of a new business’ customers. What is more, around 85% of a company’s customers live within a five-mile radius of that location, and those consumers may see those signs 50 times or more per week. That is a lot of advertising power, and billboards are effective at promoting local attractions, law firms, and even political candidates when posted near roads and highways. Ad space on billboards can be rented for this very reason.

Sign Variety and Sign Repair

Signs are hardware, so their nature and their condition is something to take seriously so that they can communicate effectively. Some signs are large metal, plastic, or wood signs on a pole or on a business’ roof, or simply placed over the doorway to attract customers. Other signs are billboards, strategically placed in locations where car drivers have little else to look at. Many surveyed drivers confirm that they tend to look at these billboards, since they are large, attractive, and are found where there’s little else to see.

Signs might also use electricity. LED ad signs and electronic screens may not only present a brand name or showcase a product, but they can also use animation to draw a consumer’s attention, an advantage over traditional signs. These signs, and neon signs too, glow and emit light, making them easier to see in dark lighting or in rain. Meanwhile, establishments such as a middle or high school, or a house of worship, may use electronic scrolling marquees to communicate with relevant parties. A high school may use marquees to announce details of an upcoming sports game on campus, or a church or synagogue may use marquees to share service and worship dates and information to attendees.

Sign repair is important, too, as signs are hardware that may break or suffer from dirt. Many surveyed consumers say that a sign’s quality and appearance make a strong impression and may reflect the company itself. Thus, a damaged or dirty sign, or a shoddily built one, suggests that if the company cannot be bothered to make an attractive sign, it must be a lazy and shoddy company not worth spending money on. Sign repair may be done in case of vandalism or auto accidents, and electronic ad screens or scrolling marquees may need sign repair for short circuits or damaged light bulbs. Professionals may also reprogram what the marquee says, as needed.

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