The Plague and Scourge of Information Privacy Breaches

Just picture it: you are doing your online banking, paying your bills, doing some ecommerce shopping at home or even taking care of your payroll…and suddenly it happens. You are notified that there has been a breach in your account. Your security has been violated and all your financial information–from you business to your personal banking accounts–have been violated. Suddenly, you are a victim of the modern-day plague: the compromising of information privacy.

Information privacy is a major concern these days all around the world. Corporations, business enterprises, universities and educational institutions and most of all, individual citizens are all on the lookout for breaches in their information privacy.

When the worst does happen, or one is suspicious of a violation of information privacy, it is time to contact an attorney. It is important to find a company that specializes in arbitration service and mediation services relative to information privacy. It is also important to find managers that are able 7 days a week to help out and work on a case that concerns information privacy.

Information privacy violations can take many forms. These can include personal bankruptcy, intellectual properties, employment law, computer intrusions and commercial cases–among many others. In each instance, the bottom line is that there has been a grave violation of information privacy. This violation can lead to many problems: financial ruin, credit problems, health matters from anxiety, stress and depression, personal relationship issues and personal security and safety concerns.

And it doesn’t mean that there are always millions and millions of dollars at stake when information privacy is compromised. In fact, a recent study showed that among Chapter 11 debtors, for instance–potential victims of an information privacy breach–a staggering 90% have less than 50 employees and less that $10 million in annual revenues, liabilities and/or assets.

Dealing with a case of information privacy breaching requires specialized training. Since these are mostly, but not exclusively, white collar offenses, these cases need a supervision of claims and the overseeing of a qualified administrator. Other professionals who may be involved or consulted in the process could be a trial consulting firm, a mediator, a specialist in international disputes, an expert on federal securities law litigation, a federal estate tax law firm, a corporate compliance specialist, a civil rights attorney, an arbitration service, and, of course, judges. It is impossible to prevent your information from being violated, but there are steps to take to protect your information privacy.

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