The Growing Necessity Of VIP Security In The United States

Staying safe is important, for children who go to school as well as for those who are already a part of the working world. And unfortunately, the outside world is becoming more dangerous than ever before. From terrorist attacks to mass shooting, the need for VIP security services have become more important than every before for both peace of mind as well as for the purposes of actual safety.

For instance, the threat of terrorism is currently something that feels very prevalent in the United States today and is something that has felt that way since the terrorist attacks that occurred on September eleventh back in the year of 2001. That day changed the country significantly, and the “war on terror,” so to speak, has changed many peoples’ perceptions of this threat.

And terrorism, though certainly not the only threat out there, has proved to be a very real one. In the less than twenty year span between the year of 1995 and the year of 2014, it was found that more than five hundred (five hundred and ten) terrorist attacks occurred on U.S. soil. In these attacks, which include the attacks on September eleventh, more than three thousand and two hundred people died.

VIP security and the hiring of security guard services can also help to protect against shootings that occur both in schools and workplaces throughout the country. Unfortunately, shootings – especially mass shootings – have skyrocketed in recent years here in the United States. In fact, the problem is so bad that there have been more than sixteen and a half active shooter incidents between the years of 2008 and 2013 alone – and that’s per year for each of those years. This is a higher number than the span of years between the year of 2000 and the year of 2007, in which the number of active shooter incidents per year was at just over six, nearly at six and a half.

Fortunately, though such dangers are present in our modern world, there are steps that can be taken to prevent against them. For instance, the hiring of VIP security guards for special events is something that can seriously help to reduce the risk of violence breaking out at said event. VIP security guards will not only be able to deal with dangerous situations, but they will also likely be able to handle more minor concerns as well, helping your event to go as smoothly and as safely as is humanly possible.

The use of the security guards extents past the use of VIP security guards. Instead, a security guard can be beneficial in just about any place. Workplaces for instance, are likely to benefit from the presence of a security guard, even if it is not a VIP security guard. Even knowing that a security guard is there can help to bring a great deal of peace of mind.

Of course, security guards can also be implemented in schools that are deemed to be at high risk of gun violence, such as various high schools throughout the country. School shootings have been on the rise in recent years, something that of course no one really wants to think about but a growing problem nevertheless. Keeping our children safe is a top priority, and having security guards, VIP security guard or not, on site can certainly help to make that a reality.

Of course, there are other ways that we can keep schools safe. Aside from a security guard on site, a police officer has also become a common staple for governing the student body and ensuring that all members of it stay safe from both threats outside of it as well as any threats that originate inside the school itself. On top of this, metal detectors can be implemented and can prevent the introduction of deadly weapons into the school setting in the first place.

The growth in the security guard market can also help, as there are now more than one million security guards employed all throughout the country. This is a number that is only expected to rise and rise in the years that are to come.


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