The Growing Industry of Plastics

Zipper packaging

Pouch packaging manufacturers have a lot more to think about that and we would initially consider. First of all, There are so many different ways to package pouches. From caps to zippers, spouts to ready to pour pouches there’s many options in many different ways to make them.

The use of pouches has skyrocketed recently and become much more popular because of its advantages. It’s growing so fast that the packaging market is expected to grow from what it is now at $74 million to almost $100 million by 2018. Let’s cover a few of those advantages to help you to understand some of the things that pouch packaging manufacturers have to consider.

  1. They make the spouted pouches puncture resistant so no accidental leakages occur. The seal is also leak proof as well as being resealable.
  2. These pouches are great for the environment because they save on raw material costs and use much less plastic to produce another packaging methods.

These are not the only advantages to a pouch. Their weight and size plays a big part in why the industry is growing so quickly.

Shrink sleeve labels are what is used to label some types of pouches. The label is adhered to the pouch using heat so that it stretches to the size of the container . Since the sleeve is tight around the container this allows you the option of placing wording, ads, art anywhere on the pouch without limiting you to only flat spaces. Pouch packaging suppliers often do this themselves.

This in and of itself is no small feat. Measuring a container for shrink sleeves can be complicated. You must measure the laying flat size as well as the print width, slit width, cut length and print height.

Also the heat that is used to make shrink sleeves is very high so the pouch must be able to withstand that temperature to be able to get the label fitted without damaging the container. There is a type of label that does not require heat but these are a little more expensive and a little more rare, generally.

Another great thing about pouch packaging manufacturers is that they provide so many jobs. They employee approximately 1 million workers and contribute $375 billion to the economy. This is on top of making environmentally friendly containers for us to use!

Keep these facts in mind the next time you’re at the grocery store and looking to buy something that could be bought in one of these pouches. By purchasing these pouch bags instead of the regular bottle or jar, you will be supporting a great industry as well as getting a quality product. Both sides win!

Let me give you a list of things that can be bought in these patches so you can keep it in mind for the next time. Ketchup, different kinds of sauces, vinegar, fruit jellies, juices, ice tea, milk, soda, strings, health drinks, baby food and smoothies, as well as body creams, body lotions, liquid soap, shampoo and essential oils can all be packaged in these pouches and sold like that. You can choose from all the different kinds of pouches as mentioned in the beginning as well as deciding if you prefer corner spouts or top spouts!

There are many choices and many ways to support this growing industry that is so good for our world.

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