The Four Essential Steps to Proper Forklift Battery Maintenance You Need to Know

Battery changing system

Every warehouse depends on forklifts — and, as a result, forklift batteries — for moving heavy loads to and from the warehouse’s shelves. But if a forklift battery isn’t working at its best, then neither is your warehouse.

That’s why all workers need to be educated on the proper forklift battery washing and maintenance techniques to guarantee that the warehouse will continue to run at its optimal level.

Here are the four most important procedures your workers should be performing in order to ensure proper forklift battery maintenance:

1. Forklift battery removal and replacement: For starters, it’s important to make sure your workers are utilizing the proper battery handling equipment to ensure it is removed from and replaced into the forklift correctly. Because these batteries can weigh as much as two tons, the handling equipment needs to be able to lift this weight without breaking.

2. Forklift battery watering: Adding an adequate amount of water to each battery once every few charges is key to making sure the battery is working as it should. Only fill the battery with distilled, non-mineral water and never overfill past the recommended fill line.

3. Forklift battery washing: Why is it important to wash a forklift battery? During everyday use, the chemicals within the battery will produce a sulfuric white substance on the outside of the battery. Forklift battery washing is essential to keep this substance off the battery — as the substance can inhibit the battery’s lifespan and ability to charge.

4. Forklift battery charging: Understanding the proper way to charge a forklift battery is also important for making sure the battery lasts as long as it should. After every eight-hour workday, the battery should receive a full eight-hour charge. Generally, fast charges that last around a half hour are discouraged and should be reserved only for emergencies.

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