The Financial And Mental Benefits Of Telecommuting Options For Both Employees And Companies

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The era of telecommuting and freelance is upon us. It’s time to go with the flow.

More and more workers are interested in the benefits of a professional virtual office. But what does that mean? It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when it comes to all these new digital trends and terms, especially when they sound completely contradictory from what you know. When telecommuting is becoming more of a preferred option for many, this is a distinction you’ll be glad you took the time to know. Choosing an office space is an unavoidable aspect for most adults. A professional virtual office is simply a natural expansion into the future.

The History Of The Virtual Office

You’re probably thinking the professional virtual office doesn’t have much history. It’s new, after all! The very first commercial application of a virtual office occurred all the way back in 1994, when the Internet was starting to show off what it could do. This term is definitely starting to gain more steam as the economic landscape shifts to something much more convenient and flexible for the majority of workers. Nearly 70% of professionals agree that working remotely is a very productive element to their work. Let’s explore why that is.

Industries That Use Virtual Office Spaces

More industries than ever before are seeing the benefit of a professional virtual office. But which ones are using it the most? A recent study has some answers. The top 10 industries that are the most likely to turn to a professional virtual office are consulting, healthcare, marketing, entertainment, retail, legal, financial, technology, real estate and construction. Even industries that don’t often use an audio visual meeting room are starting to reconsider, incorporating a professional virtual office into their monthly meetings.

The Perks Of A Virtual Office

Now we touch on why a professional virtual office is so appealing. A recent survey found over 80% of employees viewing the option to work remotely a major job perk. In fact, some part-time and full-time workers are making the transition to freelance specifically for the benefit of working when and where they choose. Another 15% of Americans are actively changing jobs to co working spaces to avoid or shorten their commute. Around 45% of companies also say telework has reduced attrition.

The Gradual Elimination Of Frustrating Elements

We’ve touched on the benefits of the best virtual office. Workers can drastically reduce, even outright eliminate, their daily commute. This saves them precious time and plenty of money on gas, among other elements, and can free them up to do higher quality work. Companies also embrace the ability to keep long-time workers around more, with attrition (a term used to describe employees leaving for natural reasons) being reduced to a much simpler number. The American Management Association found organizations that implemented a telework program had a 60% reduction in unscheduled absences.

Crafting Your Professional Virtual Office

What constitutes a fully furnished office in the digital realm and how can you reap the benefits as soon as possible? The best function of a virtual office is its ability to provide on-demand use. This means every hour, day or week you can meet with employees, discuss sudden changes and maintain a steady stream of dialogue that would be more frustrating over the phone or in-person. Co-working spaces, just like any other physical space, are also monitored and kept professional through consistent oversight. Your field will only stand to benefit by providing employees with a telework option that suits their unique lifestyle and personal challenges.

The winds of change are blowing. It’s time to meet them head-on!
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