The Best Meetings Happen in the Most Controlled Spaces

We live in busy and noisy times. We are surrounded by traffic day and night. We listen to music in our cars, in our homes, and in our ears no matter where we are. Even the offices where we work are louder than normal now that so many businesses have transformed into common spaces where workers are able to collaborate any time of the day. There are times, however, when the working world needs to be quiet so that people are able to have private conversations with potential customers, mangers who across the country, and sales people who are across the world.

A private soundproof booth can provide a moment of calm in the most hectic of office spaces. In fact, with the latest soundproof phone booth for offices you can provide spaces for collaboration and private conversations all in the same space.

Are You Preparing to Build a Phone Booth in Your Office Space?

Even in the midst of the most effectively run offices, even in the middle of the most collaborative of work spaces even in the middle of the busiest of warehouses, there are times when a quiet space is necessary. With the most recent technology, soundproof booth designs can help you create the space that is needed for private phone calls.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the importance of soundproof technologies and the many times when they are needed and used:

  • Anticipated to grow at 30% to 50% per year, the soundproof paint market is currently estimated at $200 million.
  • Soundproofing an office can improve concentration of workers by as much as 48%.
  • 73% of the U.S.’s workforce, which is the equivalent to 100 million people, work primarily in open office environments and are referred to as knowledge workers.
  • 51% of conversational distractions can be eliminated by soundproofing an office.
  • 27% of employee stress can be reduced by soundproofing an office.
  • Work errors can be reduced by 10% by soundproofing an office space.

Even though we seem to love the noise that we surround ourselves with every day, there are times when a silent soundproof booth is the answer to the success of many offices. Office phone booths are a perfect way to make sure that you have the space that you need to complete private phone calls and hold private meetings.

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