The Benefits of Modular Warehouse Office Space

It is becoming more and more common to see a modular warehouse office around the warehouse and factory floors. Studies have shown that 76% of architects and 90% of engineers are now using modular construction for at least some of their products. But why a modular in-plant office?

A Modular Warehouse Office Is Efficient and Fast

It takes a lot less time to install a prefabricated office than to build one out of traditional materials. In fact, recently a Chinese modular construction company was able to build a 57-story building in only 19 days.

Modular Offices Are Energy-Efficient

This includes both during the construction process and at other points along the line. Modular construction eliminates waste and can be done quickly, and energy consumption during construction is about 67% lower than with traditional construction methods. Energy costs for using the structure are also lower.

Prefabricated Office Space is Environmentally-Friendly

A prefabricated warehouse office tends to be more environmentally friendly in general simply because it raises up less dust and fewer contaminants, and such spaces meet or surpass LEED specifications. A study by the UK-based Waste and Resources Action Programme found that modular construction results in about a 90% reduction of waste materials like bricks, wood pallets,
cardboard, cement, and plasterboard.

Prefabricated Office Space is Versatile

One of the best things about a prefabricated office is that can be built precisely to the specifications that you need. It can also be moved at any point after it’s put up. It’s a simple matter to add on your modular warehouse office or to add a vision tower adjacent to the office. A single level office can easily be raised or lowered again, and the entire construction can be custom designed to fit into a specific warehouse space. A prefabricated office is an original space.

Prefabricated Space Is Cost-Effective

Modular construction costs a lot less than traditional brick-and-mortar work. It can not only go up more quickly, but it eliminates a lot of waste and typically can be done for about 1/5 the cost of building the same thing out of traditional materials. This is the only economic benefit to a modular warehouse office, however. Putting managers on the floor allows them to assist employees, keep an eye on things and keep them productive, and even spot and reward extra work by particular employees. This can incentivize the employees to work harder, as well as help them feel more satisfied with their job.

There are a lot of good reasons to consider putting in a modular warehouse office. It’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and allows managers and employees on the floor to keep in constant contact with one another. If you are in need of office space in your warehouse, look into whether modular in-plant offices could be the answer to your needs.

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