The Advantages of Using an LED Sign at Your Business

Channel letters signs

People have been using signs to advertise their businesses for decades, but what has traditionally been a tried and true way to market your business is becoming more and more obsolete. The presence of signs is important — businesses get about half of their customers from their signs — but no two signs are created equal. Some signs are simply better than others. Here are a few benefits of using LED signs instead of other types of signs.

Vivid displays
One of the biggest benefits of using LED exterior business signs is that they have a much more vivid display than non-lit signs. People these days are much more accustomed to viewing rich and well lit displays on their televisions, computers, and devices, so catching their eye is going to be tough to do with a traditional non-lit sign. Compared to signs that aren’t lit, LED signs are much more visible during the day and night.

Another one of the benefits of using LED signs for businesses is that they are so versatile. LEDs can light different types of signs in different ways. A business owner can opt for the most recognizable LED sign, which is a series of lights that usually aren’t covered by anything. LEDs can also illuminate channel letter signs and can light them from either the front or the back.

A changeable display
A third benefit of using LED exterior business signs is that some types of them can be changed, especially more traditional LED signs. These can support a number of different images, messages, and colors, and can be changed relatively quickly and easily — especially when compared with other types of non-LED signs.

LEDs are pretty much the most common methods of lighting signs, and having a sign that is lit is better than having one that isn’t in almost any case. What types of signs are working for your business? Let us know in the comments.

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