The 7 Ways a Corporate Shredding Service Can Help Your Bottom Line

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Many companies across a slew of industries deal with customer, client and patient data. It is often too much, for many businesses, to take on the arduous task of getting rid of all of that sensitive information themselves. Many companies and organizations turn to corporate shredding services to handle the destruction and disposal of this sensitive and protected data.

If you are in the position where you have to manage this sort of information, you may think that you can deal with it all in house. There are many good reasons to outsource this important work. Here are some of them:

  1. You gain a peace of mind. When you contract with a professional document shredding services company, you know that the data has been destroyed and disposed of in a way that can not be reconstituted. The corporate shredding services companies are staffed with people who are experts in doing this kind of work. You do not have to worry about the safety of your customers, clients or patients’ records. When they tell you it is gone, it is gone.
  2. You have legal recourse should there be a problem. If you are still worried about what happens with your data when it is handled by a corporate shredding services company, you have the added security of having the force of the law behind you. If you contract with a document destruction services company and something gets out, there are legal steps you can take against that company. You do not have that in other circumstances.
  3. All document shredding companies have better equipment than you have. Paper shredding companies use industrial shredders that can tackle much more shredding than anything you are going to be able to get for your office. If you have any volume of shredding that you are going to need to do, a corporate shredding service can handle a much larger volume than you will ever be able to and can do it quicker.
  4. Your staff has better things to do than shred your documents. Too often companies and firms think they can save some money by having someone in house handle their document shredding. That is find if you have only a small amount to shred but if you run a busy medical or legal office, that person you hired to do one thing will end up spending all of their time shredding documents. A lot of this is because office shredders take a long time to do even small amounts of shredding.
  5. It costs less to hire a corporate shredding service. In the first place, if you do this in house, you will effectively be paying one person to do the shredding at the expense of the job you hired them to do. In the second place, you will burn through office shredders like nobody’s business. The industrial shredders that are used by commercial shredding services can handle a huge volume of shredding. This will kill most shredders that are available for general office use.
  6. Your paper shredding will not end up in a landfill. Every year, offices and businesses around the United States sends tons of paper to landfills across the country where it contributes to global warming and takes up valuable real estate. When you contract with a corporate shredding services company, you know that the paper records that you send them will be sent to a recycling facility. This is a big selling point for a lot of your customers and clients.
  7. You know you will always be in compliance with local, state and federal law. A number of industries have to adhere to rules set down by the government on how they are supposed to deal with personal information. Any regulations and rules that apply to your also apply to the corporate shredding service company that you work with. They are just as legally responsible to comply with those rules and regulations as you are.

Businesses around the country have been hurt by data breaches and problems keeping their customers’ data secure. While it might seem like it would be harder to access data when it is kept in paper form, it only takes one breach to hurt your reputation.


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