Taking the Strain Out of Office Work

Best chair for back pain

If your back is killing you, it just might be the fault of your desk chair. Believe it or not, sitting for long hours at work can do a good deal of damage to your whole body, but especially your back.

The human body is designed primarily for the standing or walking position, and while it is certainly able to sit, it’s not good to sit for a very long time. In fact, studies have shown that sitting for extended periods of time (like, say, an eight-hour workday, can actually take years off your life. Not only that, but it will shorten the number of healthy years of your life, meaning that even though you may still alive, you will not be healthy.

Having the best chair for back pain can make all the difference. The best chairs for lower back pain are ergonomic computer chairs. These quality office chairs are designed for people who have to sit at their desks for long hours day after day, and as such, have been designed with features to help alleviate some of the strain that extended sitting puts on the body.

The most important feature of ergonomic computer chairs is the lumbar support pillow. The cushion supports the lumbar region, or lower back. It left and stretches the strained muscles of the lower back, and alleviates some of the pressure on the lower spine, which bears a majority of the body’s weight when seated. Sitting in a chair without good lumbar support can result in bad posture, which is even worse for the back.

Another important feature of good ergonomic computer chairs is adjustable components. A quality office chair should allow adjustments to the seat height and depth, armrest height, and backrest angle, at the very least. Not only does this help alleviate stress on the back, but it also keeps the rest of the body in the appropriate alignment, to help avoid problems like repetitive stress injuries. Each user can adjust the chair to suit their own body size. Research more like this.

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