Taking a Look At The Rise Of Private Flights In The United States

Flying is truly something to be amazed about, particularly when we remember the fact that commercial flights have only been available for a relatively short period of time all throughout human history. But a world without commercial flights in today’s day and age would be one that many of us would struggle to live in.

After all, the commercial flight has made the lives of the general population of the world much easier than in years prior. For instance, you can get on a flight and go just about anywhere in the entirety of the world in just a few short hour’s time. Gone are the days of traveling by boat. With commercial flights, the world is at your fingertips and we are now more connected to one another than we have ever been before over the entire course of history.

But aside from all of the convenience that flying provides when it comes to just about any kind of travel, commercial flights can be anything but convenient in so many ways. For instance, many commercial flights wind up getting delayed and a wide number of them are even overbooked on a regular basis. Lost luggage is another complaint, as are unfortunate seat partners.

For someone who is flying for business purposes and who is looking to hopefully get some work done while they are on the plane, a commercial flight is far from the best place to make this a reality. In fact, the typical commercial flight can drop a business person’s overall productivity by as much as forty seven percent when compared to their productivity levels while working in an office setting. And this dip in productivity is also even likely to last past the time that they get off the plane, meaning that they will need recuperation time in order to feel like themselves again and get back to work.

And airports themselves are nothing if not bustling and anxiety provoking. Trying to make it through the security line on time often means that people who are flying need to come hours ahead of the time that there flight is actually set to take off. And many people find that trying to get into a working state of mind before actually boarding the flight is also hugely difficult, if not just entirely impossible in the first place. Unfortunately for many, taking a commercial flight is far from an ideal experience.

Fortunately, however, private flights are becoming more and more accessible than ever before here in the United States. By the time that we had reached the end of the year of 2011, in fact, there were more than eleven thousand private jets owned all throughout the United States alone, let alone in other places all around the world. And in the years that have passed since, this number of private planes has only continued to grow and grow, with many types of private planes and private jets currently on the market and widely available today.

Private flights are ideal over commercial flights for a number of reasons, and you don’t even necessarily have to own your own private aircraft in order to take advantage of them. For instance, it is highly advisable for companies all throughout the country to provide their traveling employees with private flights. This is due to the fact that, when you travel via private flights, your overall productivity is likely to increase by as much as twenty percent not just compared to a commercial flight but even in comparison to your typical office environment as well.

And traveling via private flights also means that you get to escape much of the confusion and hectic surroundings of the typical commercial airport as well. After all, only around less than twenty percent of all private flights that are conducted for business purposes fly into the major commercial airports. The rest of such private flights will typically fly into smaller secondary airports instead – as much as one third of these private flights at least, if not even more of them.

Private flights are ideal for both business use and personal use, and are growing exponentially here in the United States.

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