Taking A Look At The Benefits Of Working Remotely

When you choose an office and choose a new place of employment, you might just be considering whether or not you will have the opportunity to work remotely. After all, working remotely is an option that has grown and is continuing to grow as technology advances. Among small companies and large companies alike, working remotely and telecommuting to work is a way to choose an office that has become more popular – and more highly utilized than ever before.

There are many benefits to working remotely, this is for certain. For one, you don’t have to commute, something that many people would be more than happy to do without. After all, up to fifteen percent (or just nearly) of the working population in the United States has even switched jobs just because they wanted to shorten their commute. Instead of having to choose an office that’s far away, making your home your office will cut your commute time down to zero, giving you the most flexible office space of all!

There are many other reasons to telecommute to work instead of having to choose an office in a physical location, something that the sixty five percent of all companies who offer the option to work remotely have realized. For one, working remotely is a great way to increase productivity, something that more than sixty five percent of employees who work from home (sixty seven percent, to be more exact) can attest to. After all, working in your own space and setting your own schedule can be a great way to feel like your time is your own and to reduce stress – even if you are still doing a great deal of work. As commuting times are reduced to nothing, you will have more time for yourself and more time to get into a working state of mind as well, something that can be incredibly essential when it come to your overall productivity.

Of course, this benefits companies both large and small as well as the employee, as employees who are productive when they are at home are far more useful and beneficial than employees who work on site but who are overall unmotivated and disinterested in the work that they are doing. Having an employee with a powerful drive and sense of inner motivation is an incredibly powerful thing, and something that can be achieved much more easily by companies that allow their employees the option for remote work. On top of this, it has even been found that overall attrition is reduced in as much as forty six percent of all companies all throughout the United States.

On top of the typical employee not having to choose an office that’s close enough to them and all of the stress that this can bring throughout the job hunting process, it is also true that telecommuting and working remotely is simply more cost effective all around. For the employee, saving money on gas is a critical reason to work from home – or from pretty much wherever they can get a reliable internet signal. Saving money is also possible in the form of food, as the person who works from home is also not as likely to have the desire to go out to lunch, something that many office employees do to simply get out of the office for a little break and some fresh air – but when you work from home, you can have fresh air pretty much whenever you want it.

But aside from the employee who works remotely saving money, so too with the employer. The recently gathered data more than backs this up, showing that very nearly sixty percent of all offices and places of business that allow remote work say that it has been a great cost saving measure in the time – sometimes the short amount of time – that is has been implemented and put into practice by a significant number of employees.

All in all, having to choose an office space for rent to work in can be detrimental – while working from home instead can have many benefits.

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