Taking A Closer Look At The Importance Of Signage And Advertising In The World As We Know It

Here in the United States, signs are just about everywhere. In fact, the average person is likely to see up to 3,000 various signs and other advertisements over the course of just one single day here in the United States. This goes to show that having signage that stands out from the crowd is a hugely important thing, both for the purpose of advertising as well as for the purposes of sharing information.

Sharing information can be a common purpose of outdoor signs, such as in the case of outdoor LED school signs. Outdoor LED school signs have become more common than ever, especially as LED lights are growing in popularity (set to make up more than half of the global lighting market by the time that we’re in 2019, which is now just a few weeks away from our current date here at the tail end of 2018). Outdoor LED school signs are a great way not only to save money on lighting, as LED lights tend to be much more cost effective than other varieties of lighting, but to also convey critical information.

For instance, outdoor led school signs are likely to broadcast important information about the school like start dates and days when the school is closed and the kids are on holiday. This will, of course, allow parents and students alike to be as up to date as possible on important information regarding their school. In addition to this, outdoor LED school signs are also likely to display information surrounding important school events as well, from concerts to sporting events to school plays and musicals.

And aside from outdoor LED school signs and the average school sign board, other types of signs are also used to convey information instead of advertisements. Consider, for example, signs for churches as well as signs for government buildings. Both signs, including signs for municipalities as well, are hugely important in the world as we know it, and are a critical way to get information out to as large of a population as is possible. But aside from these signs that are used primarily for the spread of information, signs for businesses are important as well.

Take billboards, for example, which can display advertisements for just about anything that you might be able to conceive of. Billboards play a hugely important role in advertising in this country, with more than 70% of all people who drive past them paying attention to the signs that they see. And the research that has been gathered on the subject even shows that up to 58% of all adults here in the United States have actually first discovered an event that they were interested in attending from looking at billboards, with the very same percentage of adults discovering a restaurant from a billboard as well.

But it’s not just billboards that are influential when it comes to signage in the world of advertising, at least here in the United States. In fact, this is far from the case, as the power of on site signage is considerable as well. After all, simply having on site signage at any given retail location has been found to be comparable to taking out as many as 24 full page advertisements in a single newspaper over the course of just one year – which is considerable, to say the least.

And on site advertisements are incredibly important to the sales within the store, as nearly 95% of all purchases are still made in a brick and mortar location instead of online, even though online shopping has become more popular than it has ever been before. Even fully priced products benefit from the use of on site signage, with studies showing that such items for sale will actually see an increase in total sales by as much as 20% when directly advertised by some type of on site signage in store.

From outdoor LED school signs to billboards and more, there is certainly no doubting the fact that signage matters in many aspects of our world.

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