Stop, Drop, And Roll The Importance of Fire Alarm Services

In the United States, it is not inaccurate to claim that fires are a common occurrence. In fact, between 2011 and 2015 fire departments responded to an average of 358,500 fires. Commercial businesses, hotels, apartments, and condominiums were included in these fire reports. In reality, hotel fires result in $76 million in property loss every single year. In terms of apartments and condos, fires can begin through a variety of means. The most common is cooking related accidents. Then there are heating mishaps, electrical or equipment malfunctions, burning candles, and smoking. Regardless of the way in which the fire started, protecting residents’ lives from fires is imperative. Here is the importance of fire alarm services in apartments.

Fire Alarm Services

It is important to note that in apartments, fires can spread heat, flames and smoke quickly throughout the entire building, affecting all individuals’ safety. A property manager must consult fire protection companies, first. Then there are multiple fire alarm services a property manager can get installed in his or her building.

Fire Sprinklers: Property managers should install fire sprinklers in every unit. Fire sprinklers reduce property damage and save lives. Therefore, they are very effective. It is accurate to say that fire sprinklers are guards. They guard buildings and rooms 24/7. Once they are needed the douse the blaze of a fire quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they do not cause water damage that fire hoses can cause. Instead, they are activated one by one. Fire sprinklers can be consider fire suppression systems as well, because they extinguish the growing fire which prevents the fire from spreading. Therefore, fire sprinklers protect and save lives!

Fire Alarm Systems: By definition, a fire alarm system is a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. A fire alarm system can include smoke detectors, pull stations, horns and bells, strobe lights, monitoring systems, fire alarm control panel, and a booster panel- just to name a few.

Smoke detectors sense the fire in the building before many individuals (and even the property manager) know there’s a fire. Pull stations can be necessary as well. If the property manager, or any resident, senses or sees a fire, they can sound the alarm. Horns and bells, and strobe lights, tell everyone that there is a fire and they must evacuate rooms and buildings. Monitoring systems alert the fire department so they can arrive at the apartment building. All of these components work together to save lives when there is a fire! Additionally, they minimize the fire that can blaze through the building and cause a lot of property damage. Therefore, in apartments, the property manager should invest in a fire alarm system for his or her building.

Fire Alarm Repair

In apartments, the fire protection company install the alarm system for the property manager. This ensures that the operation of the fire alarm is dependable just in case there is a fire emergency. Additionally, the fire protection company sets up fire alarms for success. So, the installation was left to professionals. Design, check. Installation, check. You’re all set. However, even the most dependable fire alarm system needs a fire alarm repair. Your equipment can start acting up and you’ll need fire alarm repair for a variety of reasons. First, if a property manager’s apartment building has repeat false alarms. Sometimes the alarms can sound when there isn’t a fire. Not only is this annoying, but it disrupts the lives of many, and can be scary. Fire alarm repair is also necessary if there are defective batteries, damaged cables, or blown fuses that create power problems. Sometimes there are issues with panels (broken annunciator panels and improperly programmed control panels) and that’s when fire alarm repair is a must. Lastly, damage caused by power surges and lightning strikes could make a fire alarm repair necessary.

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