Steel Strapping A Strong and Versatile Material to Bind Your Loads for Storage and Shipping

Stainless strapping

Steel strapping is used to fasten and reinforce a variety of materials and products for storage and shipping purposes. Stainless steel strapping is often preferred because it has a higher resistance than many other types of metals. Since it is able to expand and contract in varying temperatures, stainless steel is also commonly used within the construction and related industries.

Steel Recycling and Waste Reduction
It’s important to note that new steel is composed of recycled materials, which includes old recycled stock and byproducts. For every 3 tons of new steel, for instance, 2 tons are recycled in this manner.

As a result, this metal is at the top of the list for being among the most recycled materials. The American Iron and Steel Institute, for example, estimates that 88% of the world’s steel is recycled. This benefits the environment because it is not being wasted and/or disposed of by other means.

On an annual basis, North America alone recycles almost 69% of its steel. Due to this recycling process, the following materials are conserved for each ton of steel:

  • Iron ore: 2,500 pounds
  • Coal: 1,400 pounds
  • Limestone: 120 pounds

Furthermore, since 1972, the amount of energy required to produce steel has been reduced. Currently, for each ton of steel, the energy required has been reduced by 34%.

Improvements Made with Steel Parts

Due to technological advancements, steel parts have improved over the past decade. In addition to being more dent-resistant, these parts are also 30% stronger. Steel hinges on refrigerators, for example, are now able to support over 140 pounds of door weight. This is important because the doors don’t sag under this weight as they may have done in the past.

Steel Strapping Sizes

Stainless steel straps are manufactured in different sizes, which makes them a versatile choice for containing and binding a variety of loads. Sizes vary from 3/8 of an inch times .015 to 3/4 of an inch times 0.30.

Steel Strapping Suppliers

When you need strapping materials, consider the benefits of steel strapping. Given the versatility, strength, and other benefits of steel strapping, it is likely the best material for your purposes.

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