Steam Cleaning Sanitizes as it Cleans

Industrial steam cleaners

Commercial steam cleaning using dry superheated steam is an efficient way of heavy duty cleaning in high use areas. Without using harsh chemicals, dry vapor steam cleans and sanitizes far more effectively. All you need is tap water. For industries like food processing plants, restaurants and other high use areas, its antibacterial qualities make it preferable to traditional methods of cleaning.
What is dry vapor steam?
For heavy duty cleaning without using chemicals, dry ice blasting is a good choice for cleaning in place. Steam cleaning systems use dry vapor steam, which contains only 5 to 6% water. The high temperature, low moisture vapor is less dense than air and uses very little water. Consuming only around 1.5 quarts per hour of cleaning time, it sanitizes and cleans without leaving a watery mess or chemical residue.

Steam cleaning sanitizes as it cleans
Industrial steam cleaners kill 99% of germs and bacteria like E.Coli, salmonella, staph, dust mites and bed bugs. Industrial steamers can be used in food processing and handling facilities, high use pic lob buildings like universities and hospitals, and many more.

  • Restaurants and food processing facilities
    Food hazards can be biological, chemical or physical, making it unsafe to eat. Biological contaminants include microorganism like gems and bacteria. Chemical contaminants can be derived from cleaning solvents and pest control. Physical food contaminants include dirt, hair or other matter.
    Food contamination is a major health problem and every year one in six Americans will get sick because of eating or drinking contaminated food or beverages, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Dry vapor steam can clean and sanitize food processing plants and restaurants quickly and effectively.
  • Universities and public buildings
    Universities and high use public buildings are unfortunately a breeding ground for germs. Superheated steam is a quicker and more effective way of cleaning public buildings, and can remove ten times more germs from high risk areas like faucet handles and paper towel dispensers than traditional methods.
  • Hospitals
    Hospital are meant to cure people but have also come to be recognized as a source of dangerous infections. The CDC reports that each year in the U.S., almost 100,000 die because of infections and diseases they picked inside hospitals. Dry vapor steam cleaning is the ideal system for hospitals. With its antibacterial properties, it can kill not only dangerous bacteria and germs, but also bed bugs.

Industrial steam generators represent a new generation of cleaning technology, which cleans and sanitizes without chemicals and without leaving a mess. For professional building mangers and maintenance crews, dry vapor steam cleaning is a simple, one step process that handles heavy duty jobs efficiently.

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