Steam Cleaning and Its Benefits

Industrial steam cleaners are used by industries around the world to ensure the safety of materials and surfaces. This is because steam cleaning sanitizes surfaces without the use of chemicals while using very little water, and in the end producing almost no mess. Steam cleaning is capable of killing 99% of all common bacteria and germs, like staph and salmonella. It can also destroy dust mites and kill bed bugs.

Where are Industrial Steam Cleaners Used?

Any environment that produces or processes food needs a low-moisture, high-temperature cleaning process to ensure safety and sanitation without making a mess. In addition, hospital and other medical environments need perfectly clean surfaces and instruments. Food, surfaces, and instruments can all become unsafe through exposure to three type of contaminants:

  1. Chemical These types of contaminants include solvents used for cleaning, pest control sprays, oils and lubricants used to keep machinery running, or even migrated chemicals from food packaging.
  2. Biological Biological contaminants include microorganisms of all types, like virus, bacteria, molds, fungi, and enzymes. While many of these are naturally occurring and harmless, others can present a serious danger to humans and animals.
  3. Physical Physical contaminants include hair, dirt, insects, and any other material matter that can get into food or on surfaces.

How Necessary Are Industrial Steam Cleaners?

Every year, one out of every six people in the United States will fall ill from eating food or drinking a beverage that is contaminated. As long as food is packaged, there will be a need to keep it safe with steam cleaning systems.

Not only are industrial steam cleaners important for food handling, but they are also crucial to sterilize surgical instruments and surfaces in medical facilities. Considering that nearly 100,000 people die each year from diseases they caught in the hospital, there is a need for effective cleaning. There is very little that cannot be cleaned effectively with steam.

How Does Steam Cleaning Compare to Other Cleaning Methods?

The Odegard Library at the University of Washington is used by as many as 15,000 students in a day. The bathrooms are in constant need of cleaning, and when tests were done comparing steam cleaning with other methods, those tests found that steam cleaning only took 42.5 minutes per restroom, as compared to 46 minutes with traditional cleaning methods.

Not only was cleaning time reduced, but steam cleaning was also more effective. The handles of faucets and the surfaces on the paper towel dispenser tested positive for only a tenth as many germs after steam cleaning as after the use of other cleaning methods.

Industrial steam cleaners are some of the best weapons we have in the war against disease, germs, and contamination. If you aren’t currently using steam cleaning for your food processing or medical facility, it’s time to look into industrial steam cleaners.

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