Stainless Steel, Bronze, and Various Alloys Are a Part of Many Construction Projects

During your two years on the building and grounds committee of the church council taught you quite a bit about a number of different topics. From the different kinds of aluminum bronze grades to the uses of alloys, you did not always know what all of the discussions were about while you sat in the meetings, but with follow up questions laters, you were able to learn enough to report back to the whole council.

At the most recent meeting you needed to report on the concrete paths that were being installed in the front of the building parking spaces. The goal for this project was so that we the lot would no longer have the asphalt divots that developed over time. You reported to the group that with the latest DPc sealant that soaks the parking lot lines last longer than the regular paint.

An upcoming project involves the tower entrances. In an effort to remove the rust, these will at the very least be sandblasted and repainted. There was also talk about the use of different aluminum bronze grades at a cost of $6000 to $8000. The contractors will sandblast and paint to get rid of the rusted areas if that is what the church council wants, but the recommendation is to upgrade to one of the more expensive aluminum bronze grades that will help avoid this problem in the future.

Aluminum Bronze Density Discussions
When the property committee starts talking about types of alloys, stainless steel grades, and aluminum bronze properties you sometimes feel as if you are listening to a foreign language. Fortunately, however, there are other conversations about interior carpet and paint that are more familiar.

You have also learned a few tips from the pastor who has been working with this committee and contractors for years. He never, for instance, leaves carpet samples for fear that even after the decisions have been made you will have 35 different opinions. After already spending an hour making a decision you we want that decision to stand. The fellowship hall, for instance, needs some work as well, but the Sunday school basement is in greater need. The stairs will have a broad loom carpet installed so the contractors will not need the toe boards installed. Hopefully the Sunday school rooms will be done before Sunday school starts in the fall, hopefully by the middle of August.
From bronze grades to carpet selection, your time on the property committee has been informative. In fact, you now pay a little more attention to news reports that talk about any kind of aluminum bronze alloys and now know that typically these products are made up of 9% to 12% aluminum and up to 6% iron and nickel. Carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel are the four most common metals used in the construction industry, and you can now say that you know at least one application of each of them.

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