Spotlight on Boring Tools How Do These Machines Work?


There are few machining processes that are as widely used as boring. Boring, which is the process of drilling or enlarging a hole in an object (usually wood or metal), is used on a variety of machinery in factories and large workshops, such as milling machines. CNC machines that perform boring functions require the exact right boring tools and presetters in order to get the job done perfectly each time.

What most people don’t know about boring or milling machines, however, is that there are several different components needed to make them work. Here are just a few of the parts you may encounter when you order parts from a machine tool distributor for a milling machine.

    1. Boring Heads: Boring tools known as boring heads are used to actually shape the workpiece or product being made. Adjustable boring heads are usually the best option in factories because they can be set to any shape or size. In addition to adjustable boring heads, workers may choose to swap out these parts when needed if necessary. The use of adjustable boring heads could speed up production, though.

    2. Collets: Collets, also known as tool holders, are responsible for holding tools like boring heads in place. One of the most widely used clamping systems in the world is the ER collet system. No matter which types of clamps are used to hold tools, it is important to get the right ones for your machinery in order to keep parts from slipping out. After all, machine tools move at an incredibly fast pace and they heat up very quickly, so your machinery will need a collet that can handle a certain speed and velocity.

    3. Tool Presetters: Finally, no CNC machinery is any good without an adequate presetting system. By using a presetter to measure and cut workpieces, manufacturers can ensure that they have perfectly uniform products. Presetters today are becoming more user-friendly and allowing for more customization with regard to settings.

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