Spiral Bound Graph Paper Notebooks are an Essential for Math and Science Classes

Spiral notebook graph paper

Even though much of the work world has shifted to computers and now increasingly tablets, for school and work, notebooks are still a essential. So much so that this year, spending on school supplies – electronic and otherwise – is expected to include $913 million of their own money spent by Millennials. Clearly school supplies drive consumer spending.

Spiral bound graph paper notebooks still rule

For students, teachers, scientists, engineers, architects, etc., putting pen to paper is the beginning of the learning, teaching and creative process. That good old school standby, the spiral bound graph paper notebook, is still going strong, helping new generations of math and science students figure things out.

Clutter hampers productivity

Not surprisingly, we are also constantly on the verge of being taken over by clutter. The American office worker uses an average of 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year. It is estimated that corporate America loses $177 billion annually due to messy desks and time wasted in looking for missing items. Further, studies show that 8 out of 10 people believe that clutter hampers their productivity.

You can beat clutter!

Fortunately, the solution is a simple one. Very basic school supplies like a good reliable spiral bound graph paper notebook helps to keep all notes and drawings together, in one place. Easily accessible for study and reference, notes kept neatly in a spiral bound notebook with sturdy graph paper will last for years, always available when they’re needed.

Get organized

Organization is the key to clarity of thought and an efficient workday. There are a number of good, old-fashioned office supplies that can help you overcome the chaos of paperwork, at school and work. These include: paper clips, 3 ring binders, laser inkjet labels, numbered dividers, color-coded dividers, printable sticker labels, D ring binders, folders with built-in dividers, folders with pockets and much more.

Online shopping for school and office supplies is a popular choice. A third of all back-to-school shoppers and 45% of those looking for college supplies will do some of their shopping online.

No matter where and how you shop, school supplies are still fun! And once you’re organized, you can do anything!

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