Spending a Few Extra Cents Makes a Lot of Sense!

Internet marketing

Why Pay for a Website when there are So Many Free Options?

The Internet is full of sites that will allow you to build a website and maintain it for free, so why use an SEO company? Because providers of Digital Marketing understand some very basic facts, and know how to use them to your advantage!

    Digital Marketing generates about 3 times as many leads as conventional marketing, and costs 62% less!!!
    More consumer research is now done online than anywhere else! Globally, 61%!!
    More than half of TV watchers use the internet while they’re watching TV!
    Three quarters of people searching the web click on one of the top five results generated by their search.
    Customers go through more than half of the sales process, online, before ever needing a customer service representative!

And that’s not all! It’s not enough just to have a terrific website, when Digital Marketing, you need to have a mobile friendly website! Market research shows that by 2018 mobile search spending will reach almost 90% of the digital search advertising market in the US alone. Already half of all searches done using mobile devices are in hopes of finding local results. More than half of those searches pay off with a purchase!

Practically every modern marketer feels that Digital Marketing, including content creation, is the most effective tactic for search engine optimization, and in a survey of retailers, nearly 100% said search marketing (including paid and professional SEO companies) was the best way to acquire new customers. And that businesses that blog regularly (at least every other day) get five times more traffic than those that don’t. And that means profits for you, because, it’s just smart business to use social media to drive sales; these days consumers are more influenced in their purchasing decisions by blogs than by newspapers. That’s what good Digital Marketing can do!

That’s what a great Internet Marketing company can do for you. Handle all of your Digital Marketing needs. Monitor your visibility on the web for successful online marketing, both nationally and for local web visibility. They will run your blog, ensuring you a consistent online marketing presence, and giving you the security of knowing you have reputation management online. And, of course, professional SEO services and SEO analysis.

These, and a plethora of other reasons, are why it makes sense to spend on professional Digital Marketing, rather than try to handle all of these pieces yourself.

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