Special Tools for Moving Heavy Equipment

Large items present unique logistical problems, and moving companies for heavy equipment have to develop a customed transport solution for door-to-door delivery service of special items. The American Tiny House Association reports that half of all tiny house homeowners are parked in an RV park, a community, or on the land of someone else. Only 13% keep their home on land they own themselves, meaning that a lot of tiny house owners will find themselves in need of moving companies for heavy equipment at some point. Heavy equipment logistics are also needed for moving many of the 15.8 million recreational boats Americans own, or for construction equipment. In fact, there are many reasons we need moving companies for heavy equipment, and here are some of the special tools that make it possible for them to do their jobs.

Roller Skids

Roller skids are used by moving companies for heavy equipment to move heavy machinery. Roller skids are a platform with wheels at each corner, and equipment can be lifted into the platform and bolted on securely. Roller skids can carry as much as 35,000 pounds or as little as 500 pounds depending on size and purpose.


Skates are much like a roller skid, but they typically have no way to bolt the item on. Skates are usually made to slide under a piece of machinery, while roller skids need the item to be lifted up onto them. Good skates can rotate 360 degrees to make moving as easy as possible.

Air Bearings

An air bearing is something moving companies for heavy equipment use to move extremely heavy items. An air compressor inflates the air bearing, which is placed under the equipment and then provides continuous airflow to allow the machinery to “float” to its destination. These are particularly useful for moving something that has an uneven weight distribution.

Flat Bed Truck

You’ve probably seen one of these in operation, but the idea is to use a special truck with a long bed and tie downs that ensure heavy items can get to their destination safely. The truck has to be designed in a special way to distribute weight safely.

Truck Dollies

These come in many sizes, and if you’ve ever moved house or apartment you’ve probably seen one of these. They’re available for all kinds of specific applications, whether what you need is something to hold a heavy weight, or something with the right height to move a tall item, like a refrigerator.

Toe Jacks

Toe jacks are a kind of special equipment that allows you to lift up the corners of something really heavy. This enables skates or roller skids to slide underneath the item easily.

These are just a few of the special machines that moving companies for heavy equipment can use whether they’re moving your tiny house or providing heavy equipment transport services.

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