Solving the Nation’s Energy Dependence How Alternative Forms of Energy Outperform Fossil Fuels

Investing in nuclear energy stocks

Our nation is both one of the world’s largest producers and consumers of energy. At any given second our nation’s energy producers are working tirelessly to keep the lights on across the country. Nearly every single industry, residence, and organization relies on a constant stream of energy to stay productive and happy. While energy may seem to be around us at any given time, the reality of the situation is that energy is not free; in fact energy use has a troubled history following the innovations that drove the Industrial Revolution.

The Problem with Fossil Fuels

Coal was used as the primary source of fuel during England’s Industrial Revolution. As time went on different fossil fuels were used as a replacement for coal including petroleum and natural gas. Due to our dependence on these dirty forms of energy, we are today faced with a number of environmental issues directly linked to fossil fuel use including air pollution, climate change, oil spills, and acid rain. In addition to the serious health concerns posed by fossil fuel usage, our dependence on these fuels is a recipe for disaster when considering the finite supply of fossil fuels on our planet. For this reason many corporations have launched the search for alternative forms of energy.

The Nuclear Alternative

Although many experts are considering the widespread application of solar panels, windmill farms, and kinetic tidal wave applications to power our nation, from a practical standpoint it does not appear that the technology is yet prepared to meet our immense energy demands as a nation. This leads many to look towards practical applications of nuclear power as a safer, cheaper alternative to power. According to the U.S. Nuclear Energy Institute, a coal fired power plant uses 78% of its costs to purchase fuel; a nuclear power plant has a significantly smaller cost of just 14% for its uranium fuel source. With 61 nuclear power plants across the nation, nuclear fuel now generates millions of times more power in comparison to traditional fossil fuels — 1kg of coal would power a 60 watt light bulb for just four days where nuclear power could power that same bulb for a staggering 685 years!

Investing in the Future of Our Nation’s Energy

As nuclear energy continues to be used across the globe millions of people are able to receive access to safe, reliable energy. Economically speaking, many fossil fuel investors have taken notice of the increasing reliance on nuclear energy as a cleaner, cheaper, and safer alternative to our nation’s energy problems. There are a number of nuclear energy stock companies that specialize in expanding the nuclear energy market through safe and reliable nuclear investments. By investing in nuclear energy stocks many Americans are able to actively participate in the future of our nation’s energy use; experts suggest that nuclear energy investments will see a mass increase as we approach the New Year. For those interested in nuclear energy stock companies, consider researching the field of nuclear energy to get a better understanding of how uranium is stored and treated; when you are ready to invest, contact trusted nuclear energy stock companies to invest in a powerful future.

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