Residential Insulation Why You Need to Consider Spray Foam Insulation

Domestic use of energy has become an issue of concern in the world today. People are struggling to handle the increased cost of cooling and heating their premises. The only way to avoid the increasing cost of energy is through the incorporation of energy efficiency strategies. Statistics indicate that commercial buildings can save more than $40 billion if they improve energy efficiency by more than 10%. The same is expected of residential premises.

Some of the leading insulation products that can be used to increase energy efficiency at homes are spray foam insulation products. Spray form chemicals have for a long period proven to be useful in insulating houses. Although there are other insulation products such as cellulose among others, spray foam insulation products are highly preferred because they have superior benefits;

Outstanding Energy Savings

The primary purpose of using spray foam insulation products is to increase energy savings by lowering the need for heating or cooling the house. Over the last few years, people have been saving on energy expenses through spray insulation due to the high insulation properties offered by spray foam rigs. Spray form equipment keeps the temperatures right where an individual wants. Most of the energy saving products offer savings of up to 30%, while spray foam insulation offers energy savings of approximately 50% or more.

Built-In Moisture Barrier

With holes and cracks in your walls, a lot more than air can get inside. Your house is left exposed to moisture and water, which can dampen and damage most of the things inside your premises. By use of spray foam insulation equipment and other spray form insulation products, you can easily insulate your house against water and moisture. Spray foam has been known to thoroughly seal and protect attic areas from any moisture leaks. Nevertheless, it is important to highlight that spray foam insulation products might not prevent flooding.

Deters Mold

As highlighted earlier, the use of spray foam insulation ensures that all the moisture and water droplets have been sealed out. Sealing water droplets and moisture out plays a significant role in deterring mildew and mold. Most of the spray foam insulation products have an inert chemical or polymer that cannot be used as food by mold or bacteria. Therefore, these living organisms cannot make a home out of these insulation products. Your home will be free from mold and mildew, especially when you use foam insulation machine to insulate your walls.

Longest Lifespan

If you want to have an insulation product that can last for a long period, you need to contact a spray foam business or spray foam distributors. You will be surprised to hear that spray foam is comprised of inert polymers, most of which can last indefinitely. When spray foam insulation materials are used, you can be sure that you’ll stay for many years without the need for additional insulation needs.

Fire Retardant

Statistics from the fire department show that a considerable number of fires in the United States spread by the aid of the insulation materials used. Therefore, for the homeowners, getting an insulation material that does not act as a fire hazard is a bonus. Spray foam is known to slow the spread of fire and is classified as a fire retardant products, thus keeping your home safe.

Air-Tight Seal

Much has been said of spray foam being a water-tight seal, but it is also air-tight seal too. With spray foam, you don’t have to worry about any air leaks through the cracks because everything is sorted out. Commonly, air leaks are responsible for the increased energy bills in most homes. With spray foam insulation, air infiltration is eliminated, thereby decreasing the energy bills.

If you have been struggling to deal with increased energy bills in your residential property, you need to use spray foam insulation products. You will save on energy while at the same time securing your home against mold, mildew, and fire hazards.

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