Research Shows Drinking Coffee Can Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

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If you were asked to name the best food franchise opportunities, you would probably list a number of restaurants who fit the stereotypical burger-and-fries mold. However, when it comes to the most successful small business ideas in the fast food industry, coffee franchises typically come out on top. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the most prevalent reasons is the health benefits of this popular beverage: while traditional fast food is largely known to be a poor dietary choice, coffee is a source of caffeine and comfort that offers a number of positive effects on a person’s health. For example, a study recently revealed that drinking coffee can help reduce a person’s risk of developing a popular type of diabetes.

In honor of World Diabetes Day, held on November 14, the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) released their annual diabetes report, which explores the effect the beverage has on this extremely common disease. Past research shows that drinking coffee has been able to help patients better manage their glucose levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and prevent glucose intolerance. Now, ISIC has found that drinking caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee can significantly reduce a person’s risk of Type 2 diabetes, a popular form of the disease that commonly results from poor diet, obesity, lack of exercise, age and family history. Type 2 diabetes can often be prevented by making healthy lifestyle choices, such as weight loss, but ISIC’s research shows that drinking three or more cups of coffee can lower a person’s risk by as much as 25%. Moreover, every cup you drink after the initial three further reduces a person’s risk by as much as 8%.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure why coffee has this effect: while some originally suspected it was due to caffeine, decaffeinated coffee has the same benefits. Because of this, scientists have hypothesized that it might be due to the antioxidants present in the drink. Whatever the cause, this is far from the only health benefit coffee offers: other studies have shown that coffee also reduces stress, lessens the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, promotes a healthy liver, and more. Because of these advantages, as well as the popular taste and presence of energy-enhancing caffeine, coffee is one of the most highly-desired products in the world, second only to crude oil: an estimated 14 billion espresso coffees are consumed around the world every year. Coffee vans and mobile cafes are therefore considered one of the best food franchise opportunities available today. If you’re interested in starting your own business, don’t waste your time considering typical fast food options. Instead, invest in one of the best food franchise opportunities and help prevent Type 2 diabetes! Check out this website for more:

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