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Cremation bracelet

We all want the perfect memorial for our precious loved ones; to remember the laughs by, the tears to and the good times and the bad. Whether it be traditional, modern, or unique; sentimental describes it best. Cremation ash jewelry has grown in popularity over the last few years although it has been around since at least the 16th century when it was referred to as mourning jewelry. It is widely known as being part of the Victorian Era as this is when mass production made it affordable to the general public.
Most traditional funerals cost somewhere around $10,000, while green burials which usually include cremation and scattering of the ashes costs approximately $2,500. The National Funeral Directors Association states that on average, a memorial service that includes the viewing of the body and also the cremation, can cost only about $3,100.
Cremation jewelry is an absolutely remarkable way to remember a loved one. It’s available in the form of a cremation bracelet, ash pendant, or really any kind of keepsake that you can wear. Basically, anything that can carry a portion of the ashes of the deceased loved one can be made into cremation jewelry. Let’s take a closer look into the types of jewelry.

Cremation pendants These are available in a several different types of styles from crosses and hearts or other religious symbols like rosary beads, or also as animals, leaves and flowers. Or if you are looking for something elegant or simple that has no significant symbolization, this is available to. Some examples of these are the infinity symbol and tear drop design. The pendants can either be filled with the ashes at the time of making or you can request they come with a small funnel and instructions so that you can fill it in your own time.
Cremation bracelets Bracelets can come, like necklaces, in many different forms: charm bracelet, a bangle with a stone, chain link with a single charm, etc. They also come in all the different materials and metals, depending on your preference.
All of the jewelry including the cremation bracelet and pendant for ashes can be made in gold, sterling silver, glass, stainless steel or some can even be made as wood. Lots of them can also be engraved if you wish or perhaps have a picture encased if the jewelry piece is large enough.

There are many choices when it comes to funeral jewelry, all you need to do is state your preference and your loved one will be remembered in a beautiful and unique way, just as you want them to be.

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