Relocating Your Business? Don’t Miss These Three Tips for Moving Your Office Furniture

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No one should be surprised that a move — whether personal or corporate — can be incredibly stressful. In fact, of the employees who are in charge of managing an office relocation, roughly two-third of them will within six months after the move’s completion. Given how challenging moving can be for employees and employers, it’s best to go into a business relocation prepared.

Part of that prep involves knowing how to properly move office furniture and equipment as quickly and painlessly as possible. In addition to developing checklists and timetables for a commercial move, businesses should also follow simple tips for moving office furniture and packing up supplies. If you’re in charge of moving a company to a new location, here are three simple tips for moving office furniture and equipment that will help make your relocation less stressful (and maybe even reduce the likelihood of quitting your job later on):

    1. Get everyone to plan in advance. Yes, everyone — all employees should be notified of how and when the office move will take place. One way to start is to develop a thorough office relocation project plan to determine each stage of the move. If employees are responsible for cleaning out their desks and moving personal items, they should be given a deadline for when this will happen.

    2. Follow the instructions and take extra care of your high-tech office supplies. When dealing with office equipment, there’s a lot more than just cubicles and desk chairs. Most offices also have a substantial number of computers, copiers, fax machines, phones, projectors, televisions, and other high-tech equipment. In order to ensure that a move goes smoothly, take extra precautions when packing and transferring this equipment. After all, no business wants to set up in a new location only to find that many of their computers have been damaged in the move. Follow manufacturer instructions for moving IT systems or call in a consultant to find an efficient method of getting your technology from Point A to Point B.

    3. Call in a professional office relocation service. If the above tips for moving office furniture have you feeling lost, it may be time to call an office furniture installation company to tear down, move, and set up your office furniture. These companies can also provide additional services, such as facility decommissioning, to ensure that your IT and phone systems are properly relocated for your move. Not only can these companies make sure everything is set up correctly, but they may even be able to speed up your move by days or weeks with their expert services.

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