Reducing Noise Pollution And Helping The Environment The Benefits Of Asphalt

Driveway repair

Getting to work on time or taking your children to school should be your biggest priority, not struggling with sunken driveways! If your asphalt driveway is uneven or run down, you might be in need of concrete contractor services — concrete contractors specialize in construction, repair and renovation. They can even use old materials to support new projects. Below I’ll list some facts about how concrete is used in America, the environmental benefits and how you can fix your driveway with minimal effort.

Concrete Repair

There are over 18 billion tons of asphalt on America’s roads as of this year. Of the over 2 million miles of paved roads, it’s estimated over 90% are surfaced with asphalt. Asphalt mix production sites in the U.S. number over 3,000 and produce over 300 million tons of pavement material every year to keep up with demand. So, why do so many companies rely on asphalt?

Benefits Of Asphalt

Asphalt is a highly beneficial building material that’s been used for decades. It’s flexible, smooth and allows for easy building. Its rough surface reduces noise pollution and it can be recycled no matter how old it gets. 2013 saw well over 67 million tons of asphalt reclaimed and reused in parking lots, driveways and roads across the country. Saving money, time and resources — no wonder so many people use asphalt for building and repairing!

Where Should You Start?

Did you know that a successfully installed concrete drive can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years? That’s a pretty good deal! When seeking out a driveway contractor, it helps to know a few things about asphalt driveways yourself — the average width for a one-car driveway is around 9 feet and a two-car driveway 15 to 18 feet. The finished payment should slope at least one-fourth of an inch per foot in order to provide your car with a little give. For all the artists out there, your contractor can even change the hue or texture of your driveway as you see fit. Now that you’re more familiar with how to fix sunken driveways, give your local concrete repair professional a call!

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