Raising Additional Funding For School Programs

Led business signs

Most schools are funded primarily on local resident taxes. The taxes pay for the teachers and other staff salaries. It also pays for any after school programs and activities for the students. In many cases, the income that the school receives is not enough for all of the desired programs. Cities with lowered incomes may be forced to make program cuts. They may also be forced to cut teachers, which results in more populated class sizes. Some schools have created fundraising efforts to raise additional funding for the items they need.

Fundraising night events.

Some schools may organize evening galas or events in an attempt to raise additional funds. This might include fun nights for families, parent and adult only nights, or even outings. Many of the items given out or away at the event are donated from local organizations, and the funds received go back to school programs or needs. Most of the volunteers who organize and work these events are just that, non paid volunteers who are donating their time for their children?s school.

Local organization partnerships.

When a school partners with a local organization, both businesses generally benefit. The business may increase their company awareness within the student?s parents. The school receives funding in return for advertising and campaigning for that specific business. Marquee signs for businesses can include school events and fundraising efforts for local community school events. This is a great way for smaller businesses to get in with the local residents of the community.

Church partnerships.

Many medium and smaller sized communities are very involved with the church. A partnership between a local school and a church can also be very beneficial for both parties. Churches often need marketing for their church events. When both parties market for the other?s fundraising efforts, the event is getting out to more people. Churches may also have greater access to marketing efforts, including things like their church marquee and other marquee signs for businesses.

Sporting event donations.

Many school sports attract a lot of viewers and community attention. Sporting events are also a great way to raise additional funding for the school. Electronic message boards for schools can notify residents of the community of the upcoming sporting event. Food and beverages can be sold for profit at the events, with much of the money going back to the school.

The marquee signs for businesses are a great way to also notify sporting event participants of items sold and specific charities that they can donate to that will benefit the school. Approximately 85% of a business?s customers live or work within a five mile radius of its location, making it extremely important to focus any marketing efforts on the residents of the local community. Electronic school signs are a great way to do this.

Contact alumni of the school.

Adults tend to hold the school they frequented in their memories. Contacting alumni for donations or business partnerships can be a great way to raise additional funding. Many small business owner alumni will be willing to create some type of a partnership for the school. They may even be willing to provide marketing for the school events on their full color LED signs for free, simply because the school is important to them.

Pay for marketing.

Obviously, free marketing is ideal for schools. However, if you are unable to attract free marketing, even paid marketing can return a greater return on investment than what was paid. Marquee signs for businesses and digital school signs can greatly increase the amount of event participants, also increasing the amount of funding received. The value of an on site sign is the same as 24 full page newspaper ads each year. Additionally, 35% of people would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign.

Many schools do not receive enough funding for their programs. Tax dollars may be spent on other important parts of the school system, leaving little for after school programs or smaller class sizes. Schools can raise the additional funds by being involved in their communities, pairing with local small business owners, and engaging in marketing efforts.

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