Proper Insulation Can Slash Energy Bills By 20% Or More The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

Saving energy can seem like an uphill battle at times. For every effort you make there’s another effort coming out to contradict you.

This goes for everyday homeowners, apartment renters and construction managers alike. How can you make sure you’re using your energy wisely and shaving off unnecessary costs to keep you in the green? When you’re working in insulation, whether for a new studio or a garage renovation, a good spray foam machine for sale can guarantee you’re not seeing your dollars slip through the cracks. Today’s heating and cooling costs have been butting heads repeatedly with carbon emissions and lost energy.

Make it a detail of the past with spray foam equipment.

Did You Know?

Before you look into buying a spray foam gun…just how bad is energy waste? Recent studies have concluded up to 40% of the average building’s energy loss is due to poor air filtration alone. That doesn’t even take into account faulty heating and cooling equipment or lackluster conservation habits. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program also estimated superior insulation and properly sealing air leaks could slash monthly energy bills by 20% or more. Where does a spray foam machine for sale come into play?

Ongoing Energy Conservation Efforts

The spray foam machine for sale is just one of many useful tools that have risen to the forefront to counteract all this energy waste. According to studies by the Department Of Energy, over 55% of the energy used in homes across the United States is for heating and cooling alone. HVAC employment rates have responded to this with an estimated 15% rise in employment between 2016 and 2026. If the energy efficiency of commercial buildings were improved by just 10% the country could save over $40 billion every year.

The Decline Of Fossil Fuel

Fossil fuel has been falling out of favor lately. Why wouldn’t it? It causes air pollution, it’s a finite resource and there are plenty of more useful alternatives available. A recent study found the portion of the United States’ annual energy created by fossil fuel combustion to be 80%. Solar panels, energy conservation techniques and more cleverly designed homes are all being crafted in an attempt to start shifting the tide toward a more green future. Back in 2016 the total consumption of energy in the United States was 97 quadrillion BTUs. Where could we be in just a decade?

Green Initiatives And Financial Benefits

When creating new homes you already have a lot on your plate. Licensing, planning, drafting, consultations, construction…adding energy conservation can seem like yet another detail on the pile, but it’s one of the most beneficial. The United States consumes the most energy in the world following China, with an estimated 2,200 million metric tons of oil. When you factor in all the small percentages and reductions in energy with using spray foam equipment and more green building materials, these numbers can start to dip sooner rather than later.

Choosing The Best Spray Foam Insulation Products

A good home shouldn’t just be comfortable or attractive, but constantly saving energy at every turn. This means heating and cooling that is properly retained in the home and not slipping through cracks in the roof or between the walls. This means relying less on fossil fuel and more on solar or wind energy. This means using a spray foam machine for sale that does the trick every time. Residential humidity levels should be kept anywhere between 30% and 50% indoor humidity to maintain the best air quality. Spray foam insulation products are both long-lasting and highly durable, to boot, and are becoming the new standard.

Saving energy and money? It’s not just a distant dream anymore.

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