Print vs Digital Marketing Ads — Which is Better?

Marketing is one of the most important components of running a successful business. Getting the word out there is key to making sure customers take advantage of your services. However, which marketing tactics work better? Is it print and mail campaigns, or digital email campaigns? Here’s all you need to know about the pros and cons of both of these tactics.

Direct mail campaigns are still going strong despite the surge of online advertisements since the computer age. In general, they are also more well-received than email marketing according to consumers. More than half of consumers have gone on record saying that they prefer mail marketing to digital, with nearly 40% saying that they recently made a purchase that was a result of direct mail marketing campaigns. In addition, direct mail campaigns are estimated to receive 37 times more responses than their email counterparts on average. And services like on demand printing only makes this process easier overall for businesses. Does this mean that direct mail is the best marketing tactic? Not necessarily.

Digital marketing is still in the majority, with more than 50% of marketing and advertising budgets being used on digital ads as of 2018. In addition, digital print has continued to grow over the last five years, gaining over a 7% increase in its market. And it’s much easier to send digital marketing campaigns to multiple people as opposed to the process of waiting for on demand printing and sending each one out individually.

So is there really one marketing tactic that works well for everyone? Consumers seem to overwhelmingly prefer direct mail, as they respond more to it and usually choose to keep it around until they need it. However, if this is your argument then being able to search for marketing ads through your inbox is much more preferable than having to remember where you put a physical advertisement. This means that it all depends on you and your marketing needs. Maybe you could start out with mailed advertisements to get the word out, and then switch over to digital campaigns once you have a bigger budget for advertising. Maybe you only want to use digital because it’s better for the environment and that’s the kind of message you want to convey to your future consumers. It all depends on you. Make the advertisement that sells your business, regardless of the format.

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