Pipes Are Damaged By Age, Degradation, And Friction Protecting Your Investment With Pipe Wear Pads

Pipes are not as infallible as they look.

Just like any other form of equipment, they’re susceptible to age, degradation, and damage. From pipes that connect beneath a household to pipes used to keep your business running, they need regular maintenance to work smoothly. The pipe wear pad is one of your best lines of defense against wear and tear. They wrap around pipes and give them an extra layer of protection against the elements. Failing to do this can expose your business to hidden costs that grow right under your own nose.

How do you achieve long-term pipeline integrity? Find out below.

Pipes are a powerful resource that keep society afloat. You can find them in just about every single industry, in one form or another, and with them all their maintenance needs. Damaged pipes remain a frustrating issue many homeowners have to deal with — one of the biggest causes of broken pipes are tree roots, able to stretch deep beneath a foundation and cause stress on even the toughest of metals. Similar issues affect businesses and large companies. According to recent estimates, pipeline corrosion alone costs the American economy nearly $10 billion annually.

Today’s causes of pipe erosion are as vast as they are frustrating. As explored above, tree roots are a difficult problem to address thanks to the necessity of roots for plant health. The invention of minimally invasive trenchless digging solutions have help cut into some of these issues, but it’s better to prevent them outright. Pipe corrosion prevention is easy to achieve when you invest in protective layers that hold strong against age, friction, and temperature changes. Alongside pipeline corrosion, metal corrosion on the whole costs the American economy a staggering $300 billion yearly.

The plumbing industry is doing its best to counteract these statistics. It made over $105 billion in revenue in 2018, ranging from trenchless digging methods to general maintenance. Reaching out to a plumbing professional to discuss your eroding pipes will save you money in the long-term. It’s much easier to install a pipe wear pad than replace several pipes that are damaged beyond repair. You can also ask for insight on what’s causing your pipes to struggle so much in the first place.

A pipe wear pad provides you a little more stability without a lot of work. They insulate pipes from their supports, first and foremost, and quickly eliminate the risk of corrosion by preventing moisture penetration. They also reduce, if not outright remove, metal on metal contact. This goes the extra mile to stop chemical mixing, which can be deadly if left unchecked. Your plumbing professional can talk to you about an advanced corrosion protection system that encompasses all of your pipework.

That’s not all a pipe wear pad can do. Pipe saddles allow you convenient load transfer into the tube wall, as well — this is done by minimizing heat transmission, which can affect the flow of your products. With easy installation and a long lifespan, the benefits of pipe wear pads run deep. Make sure to ask your plumber about the age of your pipes and whether or not they were recently repaired or painted. This can affect the ability of your pipe wear pad to do its job.

Moisture, heat transmission, metal on metal contact, degradation, and corrosion can all be kept at bay. Talk to your plumbing professional about installing pipe wear pads along your pipes and start saving money.

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