PharmaExpress Takes the Guess Work out of Shipping Pharmaceuticals

Pharma serialization

When distributing pharmaceutical products, many manufacturers face challenges in keeping products the right temperature throughout the entire pharmaceutical supply chain. Even the best medical packaging techniques cannot keep every product at the exact correct temperature during long-distance transportation. Qatar Airways is hoping to make things a little easier for pharmaceutical manufacturers with the launch of the Pharma Express service.

The Pharma Express, which is set to begin operations later this month, will connect Basel, Switzerland and Brussels, Belgium with the rest of the world via Doha, Qatar. Basel and Brussels are both home to a variety of pharmaceutical manufacturers and life science companies. Airbus 330 service to Basel will commence twice a week.

Pharmaceutical and medical packaging design is often used to preserve the integrity of the product at a variety of temperatures, but with Pharma Express, the internal temperature of the shipping container is regulated through the entire transportation process. In addition to maintaining a defined temperature band while the product is in flight, Qatar airways offers refrigerator truck service for ramp transfers. The trucks are able to collect the products directly from the aircraft and transferred to the new aircraft without compromising the temperature control.

Temperature regulation during the pharmaceutical supply chain is strictly monitored. Global health authorities control standards for shipping and storing pharmaceuticals. Manufacturers are responding by increasing the documentation of shipping conditions at every step of the supply chain.

“We are delighted to launch the Pharma Express and our first destination for 2015, Basel, Switzerland. The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing rapid growth each year, and with the rising demand there is the need to ensure that pharmaceuticals and healthcare products are transported with the utmost care while avoiding any temperature fluctuations.” Qatar Airways’ Chief Officer Ulrich Ogiermann told

Qatar Airways’ new Pharma Express service is committed to the safe transportation of pharmaceutical products utilizing state-of-the-art technology to prevent exposure to temperature fluctuations. More research here.

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