Over 85% Of Companies Have Created Happier Employees With This Simple, Yet Thoughtful Addition

Law school graduation gift ideas

It’s often not enough to simply achieve something. You want to honor that memory.

Graduating from college. Receiving a certification. Commemorating a special event in your life. These are but a few of the moments people want to keep with them forever, decorated and kept secure for all to see. Crafting a beautiful plaque isn’t an easy task, requiring a steady hand and a keen eye for detail to make sure each and every memory is preserved to perfection. Whether you’re trying to create a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend or need a manufacturer that knows their way around graduation plaques, you’ll want to keep reading. Perhaps you could use some law school graduation gift ideas to pad your already impressive list?

A plaque is an honored tradition of remembering and appreciating a special moment. It fills the soul with an irreplaceable sort of pride and can be passed down through the generations to inspire others. Each plaque brings something new to the table, whether it’s the wood used to create the border or the type of crystal to shine through the years. You see plaques whenever you go to a historical park or each and every time you pass through your manager’s office. How can you make sure yours gets its own special touch?

Graduation is one such common yet no less noteworthy event that deserves a permanent creation. It’s estimated 40,000 students will graduate from law school each year, with the years seeing an uptick in new programmers, engineers and designers. Graduation plaques are often elegant and simple, emphasizing studious browns and gold plates to appreciate the old while ushering in the new. Your graduation plaques are able to portray a photo as well as a personalized name plate, though they can be customized to instead keep the graduation paper under glass.

If you’re looking elsewhere than graduation plaques, wedding anniversaries are another popular choice for this unique creation. Each anniversary has its own milestone, though you can absolutely set your own. You have the ‘Wooden Anniversary’ (for fives years) and the ‘Crystal Anniversary’ (for 15 years). A 50 year wedding anniversary, in particular, is known as the ‘Golden Anniversary’ and has its very own set of unique plaques to choose from. Not unlike graduation plaques these can come in classic models or be customized to suit you and your spouse’s unique taste.

For those that want to acknowledge the hard work of their employees and keep them going strong, a plaque of appreciation can go a long way to motivate the individual in question and inspire their peers. Studies have shown over 85% of companies that have employee recognition programs in place have a notable increase in employee happiness. Another study provided in 2015 by Psychometrics saw nearly 60% of respondents saying leaders could do better to improve employee recognition. Boosting morale with something as simple and thoughtful as a plaque is one of the best ways to show your appreciation.

Personalized crystal to make the certificate shine. A retirement award to put a smile on a leaving employee’s face. From graduation plaques to traditional anniversary gifts, this is one thoughtful gesture that will remain as old as time.

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