Over 20% Of New Hires Leave A Job After 45 Days How Do You Hire Workers In This Environment?

To find a new job is to jump into the ocean and hope to swim.

It shouldn’t be that way, but this is the unfortunate reality of the job market today. Businesses are having a difficult time finding qualified workers and potential employees are having their hard work lost in the noise. Recruiting agencies are your bridge over these turbulent waters. They help you set up tools to better help yourselves, from spotting holes in the application process to encouraging employee retention. Anything less is just a waste of your time and money.

How to find a temp position in today’s job market means getting to the root of the issue. Below is a step-by-step guide to make sure you’re avoiding the more common pitfalls of staffing your team.

Old Applications Are Out, New On-Boarding Processes Are In

An application that asks for redundant information only serves to frustrate potential workers and send them elsewhere. Likewise, having to sift through an application with a resume and a separate resume is more work than necessary for managers. Shave down the hiring process by looking over your application for any holes. New hires that undergo a more structured on-boarding program are nearly 60% more likely to be with the company after three years. Adding a few tweaks here and there is more than worth the effort.

The Holiday Season Sees A Lot Of Temporary Workers Coming And Going

Learning how to find a temp position is a learning process for both parties involved. The holiday season cranks this up to eleven with an air of urgency. The year 2016 saw American retailers hiring nearly 575,000 people just to manage the holiday season’s demand. Keep in mind what you’re expecting out of your workers so you’re not expending more effort than necessary. A worker that will only be around for a month is going to need different tools than one that’ll be around for three years or more.

Employee Turnover Is Best Reduced With Clear Objectives

Are your workers knowing the full extent of their responsibilities when they arrive for their first day of work? Are you being faced with a few too many questions about their role? Today over 20% of new hires will leave their jobs within 45 days of being hired, a dismal figure for today’s time-strapped businesses. A common reason for this is failing to communicate clear objectives during the application and on-boarding process. Nobody likes nasty surprises, so nip this in the bud with the aid of a job placement agency.

Encourage Workers To Stick Around With Employee Recognition

Let’s say you’ve gotten a worker to avoid the common plague of employee turnover with a better application and on-boarding process. How do you make sure they want to stick it out for the long haul? A recent study has explored this phenomenon in greater depth, finding employee recognition is an important part of the equation. Over 85% of companies with employee recognition programs in place — like employee of the month — have cited a notable increase in worker happiness. When you need staffing help, make sure to ask your employment agency about this factor.

Make Sure To Hire From A Diverse Pool Of Applicants

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to tap into diversity when learning how to find a temp position. This is a great way to ensure you’re not picking the same perspectives and the same skill sets every time. McKinsey’s research has provided an extensive look at the long-term benefits of diversity — gender-diverse companies outperform the competition at 15% or more. Ethnically-diverse companies fare even better at 35%. Not only that, you’ll make your business look much more agreeable to customers with a staff that reflects them.

Avoid the sink-or-swim scenario. Learn how to find a temp position and encourage employee retention with staffing agencies in Arlington.

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