Origins of Chinese Restaurants in America – Source and Resource

The restaurants that serve Chinese food have made it an integral part of American cuisine. You will find Chinese restaurants all over America. What was their beginning point? What was it that brought them to prominence? This article will examine all things Chinese in this report.

In this video, we can see that in the years before Chinese restaurants started to pop appearing in America There were a great deal of anti-immigrant feeling. The Chinese exclusion laws, which prevented people from China and was an excellent illustration of this. Chinese Americans who made it to America had many choices when it came time to seek employment. So, the most popular choice was to establish a restaurant.

Although the first Chinese restaurant opened in the year 1950, Chinese cuisine didn’t take off until the last portion of the 20th century. This is because every Chinese immigrants brought their own style of American food. The reason for this is that it would include immigrants from different parts of China, and they would have slight differences in their food from each other.


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