Oil Production Is Seeing Some Changes Keeping Up With Your High Quality Valve Supply

Oil is not quite down and not quite out.

Today’s manufacturing and distribution companies are in an interesting sort of limbo. We have customers becoming more environmentally conscious, wanting to drive less or purchase cars with more green benefits. We have companies that are eager to provide, but still have a lot of old stock that needs to be sold. Being aware of these issues going forward is the best way to ensure financial success. You need to market to the right people and ensure that, no matter what changes, their confidence in your brand never will.

What does the future look like for the Argus pig valve and high pressure ball valve? Read below and keep yourself caught up on all things flow, pressure, and manufacturing related.

The United States remains a worldwide manufacturing powerhouse for a reason. Back in 2017 the country produced over 570 million metric tons of oil, right alongside 735 billion cubic meters of natural gas. It’s been found gas and oil supply up to 60% of the nation’s energy resources. Around the world more than four billion metric tons of oil are produced, though this number can’t be expected to continue. Natural oil is a dwindling resource and one that might be wholly replaced by alternate energy sources.

Ongoing statistics are only hammering home this conclusion. Daily global oil consumption is astronomical, expected to grow from around 90 million barrels in 2012 to nearly 110 million barrels in 2035. Although there are quite a few people today looking toward different means of transportation, there’s still a need for manufacturers that know which ways the winds are blowing. This means high quality materials that will hold steady throughout these tumultuous times. Pig valves, tubing hangers, and gate valves are all in constant demand.

Did you know there are over 3,000 facilities located on the OCS? These are all involved in the collection and treatment of oil and gas gathered from different wells. The Argus pig valve remains one of the most vital tools in the collection of essential resources. What makes it stand out is its accessibility, much easier to use than outdated valves while still providing the power and pull needed. Even as gas supplies dwindle, it’s no small wonder why so many distributors are putting these at the top of the list.

It’s not just the Argus pig valve you should be taking another look at. The hydraulic gate valve is used in several industries, from testing wells to providing restrictive flow. Gate valves are separated depending on their shape, though both have remained popular among manufacturers and civil engineers due to their similarities. A sturdy hydraulic gate valve is needed to make sure no leaks or flooding happens in the day-to-day. How are you making sure your materials are always putting quality first?

Alongside the Argus pig valve and the hydraulic gate valve we have the mounted ball variety. These are a little more unusual, due mostly to the characteristic ball moves throughout the equipment. With the aid of a handle and a strategically placed hollow and ball pressure can be controlled to the most minute of specifications. Even as natural materials dwindle there will always be a high demand for equipment that can keep liquids and chemicals flowing properly. It’s a strong valve supply that will make or break the future.

The world is changing rapidly. How are you keeping up?


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