Not Getting A Lot Of Traffic To Your Website? Common Pitfalls You Can Avoid

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What makes social media so effective, anyway? It seems you can’t run across a single business, be they small or spanning multiple outlets, without finding an associated Twitter or Facebook account. Thanks to digital marketing’s technological advances and outreach, it’s easier than ever to reach a broad customer base and invite in new parties through casual and consistently updated approaches. A business caught without a reliable media presence has almost consigned itself to obscurity! Nonetheless, multiple surveys have revealed customers having a love-hate relationship with many social media practices. When over $180 billion is spent every year on advertising, knowing how to spend that money wisely is a gift that just keeps on giving.

What Is Online Marketing?

Also known as digital marketing, online marketing is combining traditional advertising approaches with modern technology. Everything from banners to advertisements are conducted through the titan that is the Internet, cutting down on previously astronomical costs without sacrificing reach or reliability. Some of the most popular methods include, but aren’t limited to — e-mail marketing, animated advertisements, digital banners, SEO, PPC and social media. The latter has seen a significant boon in popular culture and is seen as one of the gateways to continuous business success.

What Makes Social Media Effective?

The easiest million dollar question around! Social media is attractive to companies and customers alike for its accessibility and flexibility, with the majority of third-party social media platforms free and being constantly updated with information. Many companies, though, have come under criticism for using social media in boorish or irresponsible ways — success lies not just in the technology used, but the methods and willingness to reflect changing times. Popular social media accounts include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WordPress.

How Much Do Companies Spend On Marketing?

Your goods and services are only as good as your marketing campaign, as you won’t exactly make much money if people can’t even find you in the first place. Companies have been found to spend an average of 25% of their total marketing budgets on digital marketing, though that number has spiked to 75% in recent years due to software development measures and the effectiveness of digital marketing solutions. Although e-mail marketing has been found to be a widely successful venture into repeat business forays on behalf of the customer, only 8% of companies have a dedicated team. This can bleed over into other areas of digital marketing, such as website design.

What Makes Good Web Design?

Your website is your first impression, absolutely necessary in helping your would-be customers craft an informed opinion and a desire to return. Nearly half of all respondents to a recent survey said a website’s professional design (or lack thereof) was crucial in helping them determine the credibility of a company. Another study saw over 40% of respondents saying they would abandon a web page entirely if it took more than three or four seconds to load! While elements like social media and SEO are incredibly useful, it won’t mean much if they all lead to a lackluster or cluttered browsing experience.

How Do I Incorporate Digital Marketing?

The first prominent step for any business is to establish a game plan. Even a mediocre goal is still an outline you can follow and revise over time! Your website should be easy to browse and friendly for mobile devices, as a significant number of customers use their tablets and phones to browse services, goods and reviews. Nearly 80% of companies have a dedicated social media team, working hard to keep up on current trends and connect with people in a more casual way than many advertisement campaigns allow. Lastly, try to use two or three methods consistently at any given time to cast your net as widely as possible. Digital marketing is the way of the future and it’s looking bright, indeed!

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