No Security System In Place? It’s Time to Change That

It would be an understatement to say your home absolutely needs a lock. In this day and age, no house is safe from burglary. In fact, pick any home that does not have a lock or security system of any kind, and it has a 300 percent higher chance of being burglarized. And if you are looking for justice after someone burglarizes your home, only 13 percent of burglary cases actually get solved since evidence and produces witnesses can be quite difficult. It is a difficult process that is multi-layered.

Lack of Security

Believe it or not, burglaries have a higher chance of happening during the day than during the night. Why? Because chances are the residents will be home from work. The average person tends to work a day shift, and it just so happens that break-ins have a 6 percent higher chance of happening between 6AM and 6PM. So, right there is one reason a break-in might not produce any witnesses because there aren’t any people to see it.

Second, is the lack of evidence. You would be hard pressed to find a home that does not have at least a lock as one of their home security solutions. However, that is not very reliable when it comes to producing evidence. Fingerprints from a doorknob could be pretty useless since you and dozens of other people touched your doorknob. But have you considered video monitoring cameras?

A video monitoring system could easily solve the problem of evidence, or at least greatly increase the chance of the individual being identified. There is only one problem: you do not see many video monitoring systems.

Improving Your Security

Calling after locksmith services is your first step to securing your home; if you do not have a lock on your doors and windows, you need them now. A deadbolt is nice and all, but locksmith services extend into electronic locks as well, a security system lock with a keypad. Also, locksmith services can repair any locks that may have been damaged, especially for individuals that have already experienced the break-in.

Next, you will want to consider video surveillance. Just the sight of a video camera nesting in the corner of a home is enough to deter individuals. Stores even hang video cameras that are not working just to scare would-be criminals, but this is not recommended.

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