New Technology Makes Alarm Systems for Businesses More Effective

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Loss prevention can be a major concern for businesses. Inventory loss through shoplifting, employee theft and burglaries and break-ins can add up to significant losses each year. Fortunately new video surveillance technology can help address all of these problems. Alarm system for businesses can deter burglars by their mere presence. State of the art video surveillance equipment can reduce and even eliminate inventory loss due to other causes.

Security systems for businesses
Inventory loss can affect the bottom line. The risk is not just from break-ins and burglaries but also due to small scale pilfering by employees and shoplifters. Such activity is almost impossible to detect and stop without surveillance video. Over time the losses add up until they significantly impact the bottom line.
Installing indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras can make an immediate difference. Not only do the security cameras reveal illegal activity, they provide incontrovertible proof when confronting shoplifters or other pilferers. Like burglar alarms for businesses, the mere presence of video cameras deters theft and illegal activity by customers and employees alike.

Surveillance and alarm system for businesses
New technology in surveillance systems helps businesses to keep their inventory and property safe. Innovations in security technology like audio-based intrusion detection systems, computerized central monitoring stations, and integrated access control systems all help to keep the premises safe from unauthorized entry.
The installation of video surveillance cameras alone can help to prevent as many as 67% of all burglaries. That?s because burglars prefer to target premises without security systems. With only one out of seven businesses having alarms or some kind of security system installed, they can take their pick and will move on to an unprotected business.

Avoiding false alarms
False alarms can be a major problem with many alarm system for businesses. As many as 94 to 98% of all alarm activations are false alarms, and each one wastes time and resources. It takes two officers twenty minutes to investigate each false alarm. The owner of the premises may eventually tire of the false alarms and shut off the alarm system, leaving the business vulnerable to break-ins.
New technology that uses audio intrusion detection and live monitored video or CCTV can prevent false alarms and wasted time and resources. In these systems, the alarm can be verified via audio and CCTV security systems operated out of a central monitoring station. Security personnel are dispatched only if there is an actual break-in or burglary.

Alarms system for businesses can help to save property and even prevent burglaries. New technology and audio and video monitoring can help to prevent false alarms and to provide real security to business premises.

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