Need New Employees? Hire a Staffing Agency to Help

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The process of hiring new employees is steadily changing in a number of ways: for instance, while cover letters used to be known as a vital part of most job applications, studies show that there is now only a 17% chance that a cover letter included with a resume will be read. Instead, an estimated 68% search potential job candidates on Facebook before hiring them. However, not even social media can help determine whether or not someone will be a good employee. For this reason, many businesses are now turning to sales training companies to help find and train their new employees.

Studies show that an estimated 72% of companies in the United States with over 25 employees use sales employment agencies to help find seasonal or short term employees. Similarly, an estimated 24% of companies with over 100 employees also use these services to help find employees. While these staffing agencies are often used to find temporary employees, 80% of staffing clients also say that staffing firms also offer a good way to find good candidates to remain on as permanent employees.

Staffing agencies are designed to provide employers with a variety of services: primarily, they act as sales recruiters, helping their clients find high quality and skilled sales professionals without wasting time or money on internal recruiting efforts. Hiring a staffing agency to provide these sales consulting services gives employers a cost efficient and high quality resource, allowing them to reduce their time spent on hiring processes without jeopardizing the processes themselves. Because they often categorize potential employees by field and experience, employers can be sure they have access to the most experienced candidates possible. This prevents the need to spend time recruiting internally, while also maximizing the number of professional and skilled potential candidates available by accessing a sales consulting firm’s wide network of individuals looking for work. If you are looking for new employees, don’t wait: contact one of your local sales training companies today.

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