Need Machine Tools? Consider These Four Big Reasons to Buy American

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If you have a factory or other large-scale manufacturing shop, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. However, quality is also a factor, and sometimes using a machine tool manufacturer with no domestic support for their product available can mean costly repairs and replacements if the need arises. Since the financial collapse of 2008 in the United States, manufacturing jobs have been leading the way for economic recovery, so if you work in the US, doesn’t it make sense to have parts made here, too?

For those who are interested in buying American, there are plenty of advantages that come with products made in the USA. From finding the right CNC tooling to using the correct collet manufacturer, all of these factors matter when it comes to your manufacturing business. Not sure how to find the right manufacturer? Check out these features below to find out what you’re getting when you purchase American-made tools.

1. Buying from a company that specializes in American parts means having all parts measure correctly. For instance, you can be certain that your tool holder or collet manufacturer will have used the right settings to make their boring heads and other parts stay in place for your CNC machines. American manufacturing can also be especially useful when using domestic tool presetters to ensure that all of your measurements are correct.

2. If you own a lathe or other large machine, getting repairs or replacements can be costly if you have to order from overseas. Sending parts away for repair or ordering new ones will take less time and result in fewer lost productivity hours if the need arises when you buy American. However, that doesn’t mean that quality won’t matter to a US manufacturer, but it’s inevitable with large machines that repairs and maintenance are sometimes required.

3. With domestic manufacturing comes domestic support for your product. Buying from companies right here at home means that you can receive technical support from someone right here in the States. Getting support from an American company can also mean help with setup over the phone, so it’s not only about technical difficulties and breakdowns. In addition, written instructions provided will also be easy to understand.

4. Finally, purchasing American-made goods, including tools from US machine tool, tapping machine, and collet manufacturers, means supporting your neighbors. You can know that the workers you are supporting have received a living wage and other benefits that are sometimes not available to workers in other countries. Additionally, domestic purchases can mean keeping jobs here rather than moving them overseas where manufacturing might be a bit cheaper but quality will suffer.

It’s no secret to any American company that US jobs and manufacturing matter. Whether you need replacement parts or a whole new machine, be sure to find out what CNC, milling, and tapping machines made in the USA can do for your company. If you have questions or comments, talk to an expert or ask below.

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