Most Burglaries Can Be Prevented With This Simple Addition Boosting Your Business Security In 2019

Your investment is important to you. Be it your city office or your small business, the work you put in is worth protecting.

This is where preventative measures come in. While you’ll no doubt be quick to react if something happens, it’s in your best interest to keep said issues from cropping up in the first place. Theft is still a rampant problem in the United States and one you need to be prepared for. An audio-based intrusion detection system is simple to install and has benefits that range from short-term to long-term. If this is your first time applying advanced access control systems, continue reading.

You’ll be surprised by just how effective a simple warning can be.

Burglary Is Rampant Enough To Require Preventative Measures

Just how bad are break-ins these days? Back in 2013 victims of burglary offenses (such as homeowners and small businessowners) suffered a staggering $4 billion in property losses — residential properties bore the brunt of these figures, adding up to 75% of all reported incidents. Burglary can sometimes be accompanied by property damage, to boot. Even if your insurance plan is up-to-date, it’ll save you a lot of time and money to keep such incidents from happening in the first place. This is what an audio-based intrusion detection system can give you year-round.

Holidays Have A Higher Rate Of Break-Ins

There are a lot of misconceptions about burglaries, which can lead to unwise decisions. Contrary to popular belief, most home burglaries occur during the day (often through the front door or front window, to boot). There are also days where these rates go up, due to the sheer volume of customers that walk through the front doors. Christmas and New Years see spikes in inventory shrink and burglaries alike. Automated systems can give you peace-of-mind even when things seem very much out of your control.

Simply Installing An Alarm System Can Discourage Thieves

This is a major benefit that pays off almost immediately. The mere act of setting up an audio-based intrusion detection system will ward off most malicious parties. One out of every seven businesses today has an alarm system in place, which is still far too many hoping simple locks will keep their products safe. An interesting study of convicted burglars found nearly 85% of offenders stating they would attempt to determine whether or not an alarm was present before entering. Even impulsive, unplanned burglaries would have up to 50% of intruders discontinuing upon spotting a business security system.

Inventory Shrink Is Costing Businesses Serious Money

Not every burglary is an expensive break-in. Sometimes it’s just employees sneaking in products while on their shift or customers nabbing an extra item on the way out of the store. A recent study determined nearly 40% of inventory shrink can be attributed to shoplifting, with another 35% to employee theft. The alarm system for businesses is meant to be a well-rounded resource to keep you from losing too much in a given year. You can’t prevent all setbacks, but a little preparation can keep you from sinking too much.

An Audio-Based Intrusion Detection System Is Proven To Work

The benefits of access control systems can be felt in the short-term and the long-term. Installing an audio-based intrusion detection system will finally give you some much-needed peace-of-mind. You’ll notice your inventory shrink rates lowering and your monthly gross remaining more stable. In the future you’ll also be much less likely to be the victim of an expensive break-in. According to the most recent studies, up to 65% of burglaries can be avoided by the installation of a burglar detection system.

Keep your investment safe. Take some time this week to start choosing a security system that’s proven to work.

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