Modular Construction Focuses On Working Smarter, Not Harder Saving Money With The Prefab Office

Building a new office space or restaurant doesn’t have to take months.

We live in a world of instantaneous information and resources. You can type an inquiry into the search engine and receive several accurate answers. You can heat up a hot meal in the microwave or call a friend on-the-go to ask their availability. This instant appeal isn’t just limited to day-to-day activities, but the complex field of construction. The modular warehouse office is a resource you can turn to when you have a deadline. Fast, effective, and very durable, the in-plant modular office is set to become the new norm.

Not familiar with modular construction? Here are five important things to know about what it can offer your business, from environmental sustainability to short timeframes.

The Prefabricated Office Can Be Completed In Half The Time

You don’t have to sit and wait through long building times anymore. The modular construction office is available to break convention while still providing the same quality you’ve come to expect. A Chinese modular construction company built an impressive 57-story building in less than three weeks, which should give you some idea as to how fast these can be set up. As much as 60% to 90% of all prefabricated construction is made in either a warehouse or factory, to boot. All you have to do is call and set up a plan.

Modular Office Uses Less Materials Than Conventional Construction

What makes the modular warehouse office so appealing to green companies? Just take a look at the recent statistics concerning its sustainability as a construction model. According to the Waste And Resources Action Programme, modular construction can reduce waste materials by a significant amount. These include (but aren’t limited to) cement, bricks, concrete, wood pallets, shrink wrap, cardboard, and plasterboard. Modular constructions also reduce energy consumption during the process of building by at least 65%.

In Plant Offices Are High Quality And Reliable In A Pinch

Working faster means working smarter. You don’t have to worry about the modular warehouse office holding up to expectations. The two types of modular construction available today are the permanent type and the relocatable type. The former, as the title suggests, is meant to last in the long-term — this is good for clinics, small businesses, and restaurants, among others. The latter, on the other hand, can be useful for temporary relocation of workers or additional space during construction processes.

Certain Industries Are Paving The Way For Modular Projects

While modular warehouse offices know no industry, some niches are being pushed to the forefront. Recent studies have found modular construction to be particularly popular for hotels — the Marriott International, for example, pledged to modularly construct nearly 15% of its North American developments in 2017. Go back a little earlier to 2011 and prefab construction was very common for healthcare facilities and dormitories. Inplant offices whittle down a complex process to the basics. They provide you all the benefits with a rapidly shrinking list of downsides.

The Prefab Office Is Eco-Friendly, Fast, And Effective

Should you wait a longer time for a more durable building? Should you advertise your business’s green benefits to your customer base? Do everything and more with the modular warehouse office, delivered ready to go in a matter of weeks. A recent report by the Building Industry Association Of Philadelphia estimated going modular can save businesses nearly 10% on construction costs — this is a combination of less wasted materials and less physical labor, among other things. Just ask your in plant office factory about their rates and sizes.

There’s a lot to enjoy when you work smarter, not harder!

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