Metal Roofs Can Help Stop Bats, Weather, Wind, and Fires

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By a wide number of metrics, metal roofing wins out over the competition.
So what exactly are the advantages of residential metal roofing? Let us count the ways…
The Test of Time
While you can expect to pay for regular maintenance and repairs with asphalt shingles, quality metal roofing materials will last for more than 30 years with minimal maintenance. At the same time, painted metal roofs will maintain 95% of their reflectance and emittance properties over those years.
Say No To Bats
Because asphalt shingles are much less sturdy that metal roofing materials, the shingles, flashing, soffits and fascia of traditional roofs are prone to much more wear and tear. When the elements, changing seasons, or simply time take their toll, bats can easily find their way into your attics and crawlspaces. If you have a tile or adobe roof, then you might as well leave the front door wide open for these winged mammals. Just check out this nightmare bat infestation hiding under this adobe shingle roof.
Rain, Wind, Snow and Sleet
No matter the weather, from the howling winds of the Great Plains to the soaking rainstorms of the Pacific Northwest, residential metal roofing holds up to inclement weather better than the rest. And since the average water damage incident costs homeowners $2,386, and wind damage costs $5,757, metal or steel roofing really is an investment worth making.
Fire Hazards
The United States is the only country that’s obsessed with asphalt shingles. In Europe, they’ve long been banned as a fire hazard.
Care About Sustainability?
For centuries, American roofing products have been based on petroleum products, from those asphalt shingles on most homes to the tar and gravel flat roofs on so many commercial buildings. Not so with metal roofing materials, which on average contain 25% recycled material. On top of that (pun very much intended), metal roofs are up to 100% recyclable after use, although you may never live to see that day.
Not only that, but metal roof products are the perfect base for solar panels, should you choose to up the roof ante and get even greener.
So unless you love bats or spending $5,000 replacing your residential roofing, it’s time to get on board with the residential metal roofing revolution.

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