Maintenance Tips from a Professional Chimney Cleaner – Family Issues

. If your fireplace has not been kept in good condition, it may build up sooty waste that can pose safety risks to the family and you. Though some people may employ professionals to clean their chimneys but there are some easy actions anyone can follow for this essential chore.

First, prepare the area outside your fireplace. Do this by making sure the hole is sealed with a plastic tarp. It is also possible to close off a wood stove , if it is equipped with one. It will stop soot getting into your home and making the mess that you have to clean. Next, you must get to the roof via a ladder. To determine the scope of the work required and to determine the extent of your chimney’s maintenance, look down the chimney using the flashlight or camera. This is the time to move your brush down the chimney to remove the debris. The brush can be found in a hardware shop or even online.

Safety equipment is also important to be aware of during this procedure. This can include goggles or gloves as well as an eye mask for protection. gvrq884mae.

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