Maintaining Your Landscape and Crops

Maintaining Your Landscape and Crops

Americans spend a lot of money on their lawns, gardens, and landscapes. The U.S. Lawn Care industry saw $77 billion of revenue in 2016. From soil, bricks, and flowers, to tractors and mowers, the lawn care industry is booming.

The agricultural and lawn care industry are crucial to society as they ensure the production of consumable crops. In addition to crops, they provide equipment to help your home or business to look its best on the outside. Eighty-three percent of Americans think having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it is important that it is also well-maintained. The average American spends four hours per week taking care of their lawn. That adds up to an average of 208 hours per year or over eight days. Whether you’re a farmer or a homeowner, reliable equipment like tractors and mowers can help you maintain your lawn or yard by increasing efficiency and productivity.

Equipment Suitable for Farmers and Homeowners

The tractor has been an agricultural necessity for many Americans and farmers over the years. Tractors offer advantages on small farms as well as in regular lawn and garden work. More than 150 companies were manufacturing various tractor makes and models in the 1910s and in 1916, about 20,000 tractors were sold in the United States. By 1935 that number had jumped to more than 1 million. The first tractors to hit the market near the turn of the 20th century weighed between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds and were powered by steam engines. They have changed and improved since. Coming in different sizes with varying purposes, tractors are an important tool to maintain your lawn or land.

There are more than 3 million farmers across America. Approximately 87% of farms in the U.S. are owned and operated by individuals or families. A quality tractor can help increase production or efficiency for farmers or homeowners across America. A compact or subcompact tractor has the power and versatility to perform a large range of gardening tasks including mowing, moving mulch and tilling gardens. With a horsepower range up to 40hp, these tractors are ideal for heavy duty landscaping jobs and tasks such as digging, hauling or plowing on large gardens, fields, and pastures.

Where to Start If You Plan to Buy a Tractor

If you’re considering a new tractor, you should consider Branson Tractors or Big Tex Tractor Co. for tractor package deals that will meet all your lawn needs. The Branson brand has been in business since 1968 and offers Compact Tractors, Backhoes, Loaders and Mid-Mount Mowers. Branson Tractor now has 165 dealerships in the United States and Canada. Big Tex Tractor Co. offers tractor package deals that include mowers, trailers, tractors, backhoe, and loaders. They also allow you to build a customized package or finance tractor package deals to suit your lawn and landscaping needs.

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