Legal Rights to Know as a Tenant –

It’s thrilling to get out of your house when you’re a teenager. But there are ways that landlords are able to take advantage of tenants, and it’s essential to be aware of your rights. The video will explain some of the things that you can do to help prevent issues from occurring and make sure you don’t hire a tenant attorney in the event of eviction.

It is the first time you should get your lease agreement in writing. It is essential to sign a legally binding lease agreement. It details the amount to be paid in rent, the frequency at which rent is due, penalties due to late payments and the legal obligations of the landlord to the tenant and the property.

The best way to handle repair requests is to record your requests in writing, and then keep the record. Even though landlords have a duty to make repairs prompt manner, obtaining them to uphold their end of the bargain can be hard. If your landlord doesn’t make repairs, it is unlikely that you’ll succeed in take them to court.

Watch this video to learn other useful information.


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